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  1. Any tentative dates or range of dates? sorry if this is too much of an ask since planning a convoy of that scale takes a lot of work
  2. Very interesting perspective from various masters and it is true that you learn something new everyday 👍
  3. There are quite a few FJ-ers here who can weigh in on the options that you have found or shortlisted.
  4. I will give this a try. I always thought I am the only one experiencing this as I open the 3rd door, at least 4 times a day.
  5. @Gaurav I am experiencing door lock rubbing or squeaking. It does not happen during the day when it is hot. Only at night or early morning. It will be more obvious in the next couple of months.
  6. @Niki thank you! I have not identified the rattle conclusively but I did suspect the rear door being the culprit. The video is a good review as it also talked about the infamous FJ lean!😆
  7. I have seen a lot of Marshalls and senior members driving on Geolandar. I am sure they are great tyres for the sand and highway because the compound would be the softest amongst all the 4 options. I am on Discoverer AT3 and I have been enjoying them for the past 3 years, compared to the stock tyres which were Grand Trek. On my AT3, I had 1 pop-out but it was due to panic and sudden left and right turn when I failed to cross a ridge and went into a soft patch of sand. The AT 3 are easy to balance and align and offer a pretty comfortable ride on the highway, not much difference compared t
  8. congratulations to all 👍 and I am honored to be named with all these illustrious photographers 😁
  9. I shall investigate further and update here if I discover anything new. I should check the left compartment where the stock jack is stored.
  10. Welcome to the club @Felix Obst I regularly drive with my son strapped in the backseat. You and your boys are the testimony of the importance of being properly strapped in. Happy off-roading
  11. @Niki you are now being the devil to hold @Ahab Shamaa to the "happy spending" mantra 😆 Do any of the FJ-ers having rear door rattling issues ? I have been hearing some intermittent rattles from the rear. I have checked the suspension arms and what have you under the carriage and have cleared out my trunk to locate the source of sound. I deduced that it would be the tailgate door but still not 100% sure. Hence checking here for advice since some of you have mentioned that the lower hinge of the tailgate door is weak. As an FYI, except for the spare tyre (and flag pole), I do
  12. @Nikiwhich Philips bulb did you opt for? I intend to do the same for my FJ. The stock ones are just not up to the job for night driving in the desert
  13. Thank you @Ale Vallecchi for showing us this part of the desert. It was a great challenge and steep learning curve. Pleasure and honor to have driven and met with the rest of the convoy members.
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