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  1. Since we switch off all the driver’s aid in the desert, it does not matter if we have modern technology or not. I would choose classic. Probably less prone to have reliability issues as well.
  2. Old tech for me Fav BMW, E30 Fav Merc, C126 - last over engineered Merc Fav Porsche, 993 (last air cooled 911)
  3. @Gaurav Please remove this from this drive. I got confirmation for @Chaitanya D's drive Many thanks!
  4. hello @Chaitanya D , I am not certain if I get a slot for this or am I on the waitlist. I thought I missed this yesterday when I tried to sign up hence my message to get onto the waitlist. If you confirm I am on the drive, I will vacate the newbie afternoon drive led by Gaurav as there are more people on the waitlist over there. Many thanks.
  5. @Gaurav I have joined for this drive but no. 2 of the waitlist for the fewbie drive happening at the same time. If I get the fewbie drive, I’ll gladly vacate this. Apologies in advance because in desperation to meet my son’s expectation 🙏
  6. This was my absolute fewbie drive. I was nervous initially especially when I have not been driving in the desert for 6 weeks. I also made an error with my deflation and was slightly slow to be ready. However, once the convoy started rolling, I really enjoyed the route, scene, pace and terrain. I had some refusals and thanks to @Desert Dweller for the clear and precise instructions on what to do. Apologies for not acknowledging to all of them because I was too busy and nervous fighting the car 😅 Also thanks to @Tero Vallas for radioing me to stop and I am the first car who missed the tricky soft bowl area. Thanks @Vanessa8580 and @Srikumar for the drive and recovery efforts. The recovery segment of the drive was part of the overall experience and I’m sure everyone came out of it stronger. Special thanks to those who did all the hard work with shoveling and recovery efforts. My son was nervous to be out of the car because of the strong wind as it had blown off his face mask. We had a great evening because my son took a nap in the car and we grabbed McDonald's on the way home 😆
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