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  1. I have not been to that many but from the few (Pink Rock, Fossil Rock and Solar Park), I prefer Pink Rock purely from the picture quality/outcome perspective. Question, for long hill climb, do you start at D and then put it on 1st gear when loosing momentum?
  2. Yeah the tyres today could not take the stress/loads of the high speed corners. Hopefully it’ll be better next week or even better if the tyres are more fragile so the teams will have more pit strategy options. Max is definitely world champ in waiting and he’s still so young and so experienced. I feel sorry for all his past and present team mates. Albon is not doing well at the moment.
  3. Bottas and Carlos are the biggest loser today. They were in for a good haul of points till the last couple of laps.
  4. Wow what a finish. Lots of tyre failures towards the end of the race!!!
  5. @Xaf supporting McLaren. Nice to see them putting in some good races after the dreadful Honda years. What about you ?
  6. After a short break, F1 is back at the classic Silverstone circuit this weekend and the race will be starting in a couple of minutes. Always nice to watch the British GP.
  7. Thank you @Srikumar @Vanessa8580 @Chaitanya D for making the drive a great one. My first solar park drive great fun today and I have never done so much side sloping and definitely good opportunity to practice. Especially when @Vanessa8580 told me to steer down when I lose power and to my surprise I actually gain momentum to continue with the side sloping when I steer down slightly.
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