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  1. Thank you to Dr @Chaitanya D for entrusted me with second lead. It is always nice to follow behind the lead and see how they use just the sufficient power to conquer the challenges patches and overcome the dunes. Not too much power that result in digging or too little power that result in getting stuck. Very good learning experience and appreciate all the instructions and reminders on safety too. Thanks to @Mohamed Seidamfor managing the center forward and @Ahab Shamaafor bringing up the rear. It was a great time with a great bunch of drivers. We conquered Fossil Rock with minimum is
  2. I could feel vibration after 90km/h after a particular drive where I suffered a popout I got all 4 wheels balanced recently. The popout wheel got cleaned and there was a heap of sand on the inside. Since then I did not face any vibration above 90km/h. I hope it stays that way.
  3. Great drive today with very little downtime because everyone kept moving. Thanks @Kailas @Anish S for leading. The mixture of challenges was amazing and this was my first visit to this desert.
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