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  1. I am sorry guys i couldn't make it, i thought its tonight. Completely my mistake.
  2. @Gaurav @Wrangeld club joined @Gaurav and rsvp into drive from his account
  3. @Gaurav @Wrangeld dear i have subscribed and paid for his subscription l. Please replace his name with mine @Mohammad Imran Khan we will be using the same pajero 2012. Please confirm.
  4. Dear @Gaurav @Wrangeld i didnt knew the process of buying one day absolute drive for my cousin. Surely we can make new registration but due to time constraint i did it from my login. Please let me know what can i do now so that we can join the drive tomorrow?
  5. @Wrangeld dear i am using Pajero 2012 3.8, and i will be with my cousin on the driving seat , this would be his first experience. We are also geared up with everything required. Regards, Badar
  6. @Frederic overheating problem is only when i push during off road rest all fine. And strangely the mechanic is asking me not to change oil bkzhe says in pajero if u change ATF then chances are it might create problems in gears.
  7. @Frederic hi dear, can u plz suggest which transmission oil is good for pajero 2012 AT. And of which grade?
  8. Dear @Gaurav & @Rahimdad thank you for being cool minded with us (Newbies)😀 and leading the amazing drive. The whole convey performed really well with v less refusals.🥳 @Gaurav as you are aware my pajero transmission light switched on twice during the drive, so is there anything i need to check or do to avoid it next time. I haven't changed the gear oil since i bought it (used), so if gear oil needs to change plz suggest any good brand. Also guide if anything else to be done. By the way you suggested Mobil1 engine oil in your other post and let me tell it did make a difference " Thank you" the sound of my engine just changed and drive is much smooth now.
  9. @Frederic hi dear, i have just installed android LCD and four head sets LCDs in my pajero 2012 3.8 and i am facing a weird problem..all LCD screens works fine when engine is off but as soon as i start my engine all seat header LCDs starts showing horizontal waves. The shop who installed it are also not able to fix the problem. Can you suggest any solution or recommend any electrician?
  10. Hello dear can u please share the contact details of the person who made it for u..
  11. @Srikumar @Vanessa8580 thank you for the wonderful time and help. I was really tense bkz it was my lifes first off drive but your support helped me overcome my fear. See you soon on next drive..:-)
  12. Hi Please share your vehicle details - Make, Model, Year. Pajero 2012 Do you have any prior off-road experience? No Confirm your vehicle has front and rear tow hooks / eyelets. Yes
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