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  1. @Brette Cheers for the information, I will look into installing a kill switch soon. Also I was completely unaware I should take out the airbag fuse, thanks for that. @Alex Sidorov I am not worried about taking my car out on Newbie and Fewbie drives. Taking into consideration that the marshal and all the other cars infront of me are taking the same route it is unlikely that the path being taken will do any serious damage if any to the car. Especially in Newbie drives where the drive is usually relaxing and not very challenging. However, I would be careful taking my car out without professionals if you do not at least have a skid-plate, I was driving in the desert with friends recently and broke my radiator completely and needed to replace it. I have 0 modifications on my car.
  2. I hear there are some other grand Cherokee drivers in this group and was wondering if anyone had similar experiences? I drive 2016 Grand Cherokee and the terrain system in the car often cuts power to either my engine or the front axel at weird times. I haven’t found a way to completely turn off all the tech in the car. @Emmanuel Hello, You were telling me a marshal who also drove a Cherokee could you @ him maybe so he see’s this I’m curious to see his input. thanks so much
  3. Hello Can I please join this drive/waitlist for this drive. Thank you very much, Zak
  4. Hello, Can I please be added to the waitlist for this drive? thanks very much,
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