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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021

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  1. Congrats @GauravSoni, New suspension for the new rank, I see 😁
  2. I came from north E16 to Sweihan today, and ADNOC 960 Sweihan is the nearest station, you should refuel it up there, Pajero SWB has a small tank I believe. @Adhir Saxena
  3. I reached home safely 1.5 hrs after being escorted to tarmac, (torturously driving 80km/r on 140 km/r highway ), the issue is more likely to be one of the cylinders not working, transmission seems fine. will have to wait till Sat to find out the true cause. Thank a lot @Wrangeld and @Alex Raptor for the easy way out, and everyone else's patient waiting. Usually jinx works well on me, last time someone wished for shoveling, I ended up shoveling my own car for nearly entire hour. @varunmehndiratta
  4. Hi @Amir Amiri I think yours is a Rebel too? What's your solution to the curtain air bags
  5. I also have 2 inch suspension spacers, with stock arms, the only issue is the wheels alignment that is causing imbalance tire consumption. nothing to the driving experience. Since you are upgrading the shocks, surely you expect to pass the humps with higher speed, then you better change a stronger and longer ones to match the part of shock that the arms will absorb, and fit the alignment requirement.
  6. Get well soon @Vanessa8580, we are missing your drives ☺️
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