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  1. It's really a good start of fewbie + for me, and wonderful week breaker. Thank you so much @Ale Vallecchi for the drive. I haven't been this focused in a drive for a while already (Maybe because of the 2-3 hrs quality sleep on Thursday night 😎), as a great portion of the drive was challenging my limits. Got stuck twice, thanks to help from @Ashok chaturvedi @Lakshmi Narasimhan and @Chinthaka Ruwan and ofc the guidance from @Ale Vallecchi, I could get back on track. I should have considered more on my car's steering radius before taking the attempts really. I did pray to G
  2. I think this can be sorted by placing something doesn't melt in between. I will wait a bit longer to see if someone tell me big no no before I get a piece of it 😉
  3. Do you think they will provide a different petrol engine than the 2.0 one? Was reading the spec sheet yesterday, it's really interesting
  4. Has anyone ever used the air bag Jack? In my opinion, air bag Jack should be more hàndy in desert: 1. it has larger supporting surface to the ground, and shouldnt sink into the sand. 2. It only needs some air to lift the car, and we all have air pumps, saves our energy Wonder why haven't seen anyone using it? I see most of the air bag jacks are rated with maximum capacity of 3 to 4 tons, and majority of our offroad vehicles are from 1.8 to 2.2 tons. Perhaps only the heavier full size trucks and pick ups should avoid from using it?
  5. Thanks @darren thompson and @Anish S, look forward to more drives with you !
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