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  1. Thanks everybody for the kind words. Couldn't reply sooner due to busy schedules. This promotion came exactly 1 year after I joined Carnity. Offroad has indeed become one of my passion and addiction, 52 drives plus 1 liwa crossing completed in a year explained it all 😈. I wish the little experience I have can be found helpful to others.
  2. Hi @Kailas, I might not be able to reach on time due to work arrangements, can I notify you by 445 if I can make it or not ? thanks
  3. It's an eventful drive yet we all made to the end. Thank you @Hisham Masaad for the drive, and accommodating all of us, @Rob S for CF and Sweep after my rear bumper damage. Everybody did pretty well, some refusals/stucks as expected, but at the end they are all learnings. @H3 Joe it was a pleasure driving behind you, the lines and approaches you took were really pleasure to eyes. I used to think H3 is a heavy American tank, untill today that you have shown to me the swiftness of H3, and now I found out that I5 H3 can be slightly ligther than my Pathfinder 🤣. BTW I suppose yours is the v8 5.3?
  4. Altho I chose Dobinson twintube, so sad that Dobinson doesnt have stock....So I have Ironman Foamcell installed, done 1 drive and 200km+ highway today. The highway performance is superb, stable from 0 -140 havent reached 160 yet, lots support on extreme cornering that I am afriad the AT tires will give up before the suspension does. firmer handling ofc, and stiffsness bit as well. Offroad I couldnt do much today, absorption on the gravel track and cross track is great, did 60kmh on the gravel track exiting from big red to tarmac, very much in control and very little shock transmitted into the car, no fading in aborption.
  5. Umm interesting, then the twin tube should be a big improvement to my black stock shocks, thanks alot for the input,
  6. haha my aim is the Ramadan offer, Ironman and Dobinson usually do the promotion as I remember. I wish R51 could have more options except the above 3 Australian brands, but no🥺 Let's wait for @Ale Vallecchi's comments on this 😁
  7. Yes, the current setting is stock + 2inch suspension spacer, and all above options are 1.5-2 inch only, so not an issue for me However the rear springs bottom out during some small jumps and the stock shocks fade really quickly, thats why I am thinking of upgrading them.
  8. It's a very tempting option too, getting an old US spec Xterra with rear diff lock and ABLS wouldn't cost too much, but the highway stability, slightly longer WB, slightly larger cargo space with extra 2 seats of Pathfinder I cannot give up, ans I spend lots more time onroad than offroad
  9. Hi Folks, As I have reached IM level, I see the need of upgrading my suspension. Because Pathfinder R51 isn't a popular offroader, not many companies do suspension for R51, hence here are my options: 1. Dobinson twin tube with coils (Highly recommended by a close friend, 2 years warranty) 2. Ironman 40mm foam cell with coils (Popular choice for R51 owners around the globe, 3 years warranty) 3. Tough dog 41mm foam cell with coils (Another popular choice for R51 owners around the globe, looks tougher and provides 4 year unlimited km warranty) My preference is Ironman>Dobinson>Tough Dog Ironman ME direct supplies with warranty support, twintube+foamcell supposingly is better than just the twintube Dobinson, and Tough Dog doesnt have direct dealer in ME, warranty support can be compromised. R51 has less ground clearance, it requires 1.5inch and above lift for desert, For this reason Bilstein isn't an option here as it doesn't provide the longer monotube shock b8 5100 for rear. Please let me know if anybody has experience with the above 3 products, and additional options are welcomed.
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