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  1. @Islam Soliman very sorry, i have to drop out in the last minute. I hope to drive with you soon.
  2. @sertac thank you for the amazing drive with an amazing cold morning. The drive was really an amazing ridge riding party, hope we do this again 🙂. @Karthikeyan Govindarajan thanks for your support as second lead, @Mehmet Volga and @Looper thanks for your support as CF and Sweep.
  3. @Hisham Masaad i am at the marked location. I dont see anyone here. Is there a change in the location.
  4. @Wrangeld I won't be able to make it today due to personal reasons. Hope everyone enjoys the drive.
  5. @Gaurav i have a Y62 which has 140L tank. Shall I still need to carry extra fuel. Please let me know.
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