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  1. Thank you @Fabien Monleau Indeed, your tremendous support all over the ride is appreciated! You were jumping in for everyone with every challenge! Wish you a safe and pleasant trip to Africa and looking forward to enjoying another ride with you soon!
  2. Dear all, First of all thank you all for the support you provided to me today, i felt zero pressure because of that. Truly when the ambulance guys checked my BP it was 120/80 . I met most of you for the first time today and I already felt like with family who care. The good news, i have finally managed to get the car out by driving it to outside , yes i drove through the dunes with a smashed /half pajero in the dark night , to be honest it was as tough as the roll-over experience, then i managed to put it on recovery after police has given the report finally. Thanks again to everyone, Special thanks to @Benjamin for driving me home at noon, @Brette for staying back in person and over the phone @Gaurav for support over the phone to make sure all going well wish you all safe drive and definitely i will see you again on sand soon (not sure what car this time will be
  3. thanks @Gaurav, it's been awhile for me Looking forward to meeting you all today
  4. @Ale Vallecchi Thank you for the drive today it was wonderful day, really enjoyed the track. Maybe next time we shall reach and exit from Swiehan
  5. @Ale Vallecchi Thanks for the update look forward to driving with you
  6. @GauravSoni Sorry, had to withdraw due to traveling hope to see you next week
  7. Hello brothers, I decided to sell my lovely Y61 falcon edition, 2019 , the car is in fabulous conditions as new with only 26K milage count. All modifications are done by Nissan Original ( Falcon kit ). Before I post anywhere else i thought of giving priority to carnity members Asking for 115K and if any member is interested seriously i will give off extra discount!
  8. Look forward ! I am thinking of sleeping overnight at the meeting point 😂 please wake me up when you arrive guys!
  9. Thank you so much @Gaurav and team of Carnity family , special credit goes to all leaders and supporting teams who taught me a lot of things during the last 7 newbie drives. appreciated indeed. special thanks also to @Brette who supported my very first master class , and took all my calls patiently whenever I needed to ask about anything. I look forward to learn more and more in the upcoming drives with you . Have great week ahead!
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