2012 Range Rover Supercharge - Known issues

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Are there any known issues in 2012 Range Rover Supercharge model or any specific things or recalls to verify before buying one?

I'm considering few options and RR is on the top of that list, so just wanted to check from experts if it's a good buy for another 2 years or not?

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LM - New Range Rover
LS - Range Rover Sport
Title AJV8 4.2 Supercharger Auxiliary Coolant Pump
Last Modified 14-MAY-2009 17:09
Category Engine
Symptom 402000 Cooling System Concerns

Issue: Supercharger auxiliary coolant pump concerns. The customer may complain of reduced power and or a misfire at high engine loads and road speeds.

1) If in the following vin ranges 6A198058-7A261419 (LM Range Rover) 5A901924 - 7A109767 (LS Range Rover Sport) then please refer to Technical Bulletin LTB00041v2.
2) A concern may exist where the supercharger auxiliary coolant pump is found to be not running, this could be due to internal motor brush wear. This issue was rectified from VIN numbers 8A290432 (LM Range Rover) and 8A181100 (LS Range Rover Sport).

Procedure for replacing the supercharger coolant pump can be found in Global Technical Reference (GTR) under section 303-03D – Supercharger Cooling. Repair Time 26.50.26 – Auxiliary coolant pump (AJV8 supercharged) – renew – 0.80hrs
Action: Please renew the supercharger auxiliary coolant pump as necessary, part number PEB500010.

Most of the time, the issue was the Supercharger coolant aux coolant pump was wired in reverse as in the connector was flipped as in + and - was flipped ! 
Other than this AFAIK there really isn't anything that comes to mind

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And since 2012 was end of line for the L322 most if not all issues should have been resolved and most probably as LR usually do they add a lot of extras on the last year of production. They did that with the P38 but not sure about the L322


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