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  2. TRIP REPORT As it was planned to have @Srikumar leading this drive, we had to make some last minute arrangements and i got the blessing of leading this drive in my backyard area. We left off from Faqa area and after a few minutes it started to drizzle a bit, and the clouds didn't look very happy to see us. But after heading a bit further west, the sky started to clear up and we were greeted with creamy dunes as our buddy @Emmanuel calls them. After seeing @Xaf driving the last couple of weeks, i wanted to give him a slightly different challenge today, and decided to put him in second lead, with the aim of perfecting his skill of offroading techniques, communication, pro-activeness, and adjusting his own style to make sure the tracks were not too much churned up. He managed brilliantly. Having @Ale Vallecchi behind him to slightly alter the track where needed, i also noticed he was in full control of the car and the skills of his mighty FJ. At all times we were remembered by a roaring V5 that there was an enthusiastic Hummer driver in the convoy called @Tbone. Well done buddy. @Jeepie and @Wrangeld had the perfect terrain today to test the suspension and agility of the little Wrangler, and you both did an amazing job. Going through a drive that went so smoothly, i was actually expecting something might happen, and suddenly @Xaf announced on the radio that he heard a "pop" nearby. We managed to get @tjsingh to a flat surface, and quickly popped the tyre back in. I had to use my spare can of transmission fluid to fill up the floor jack, as apparently the release screw was not completely closed and i lost some oil recently, so the floorjack did not build up enough pressure. On our way out to the Solar Park, our Golden Patrol had another pop-out and this time it was the other tyre. After a few minutes and with the great help of @Shamil we were back on the road, or offroad @Adam Marston and his misses had a big smile on his face the whole morning. Nicely driven buddy ! We've spotted falcons, gazelles, camels, and two big mature Oryx today, but most of all i've spotted a bunch of enthusiastic fellow offroaders that really enjoyed this drive, and so did i ! On the way home i saw an old fellow @G.huz who is driving now with the Pathfinder crew. Always nice to meet up with this wonderful guy. Joining this club has given the opportunity to meet such great people and i hope with the newbie convoys that @Srikumar and @Rahimdad was grooming the same day, the Carnity family will keep on growing ! Thanks to all and see you very soon !
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  4. Yeah, I try to be as reaslitic in my armchair piloting as I can while flying my 777-800ER ( in my flight sim of course ) Another thing I failed to mention is wake turbulence specially of the heavies so speration is critical. btw any good (free) source of latest airport charts with SIDS and STARS specially for OMDB and also a detailed tutorial of how to program the 777 FMC I think I've got the grasp of pretty much 80% of it. I can program the route, set performance, Vref speeds, Des forecast, takeoff performance etc etc but there are still many thing I don't understand and the manual that came with it isn't detailed enough.
  5. Been hearing and seeing about this for a couple of years now and yet it has failed to take off.
  6. Hi I Have lexux LX470 Yes tow points are looks good No I don't have any previous experience.
  7. @Michael sammy the location is ADNOC Service station AL QALA-2 - Maliha Rd - Dubai 800 300 https://maps.app.goo.gl/EU5WKHgLafNQLYHi9
  8. I like the looks too, looks like a muscle car gone off-roading. Totally agree with @Wrangeld though.
  9. @Anish S welcome to Carnity. Looking forward to meeting with you on the drive.
  10. https://goo.gl/maps/ye28yTnTSYr Is this our meeting point ? Thx
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