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  • Environmental Policy for the Preservation of the Off-Road Experience

    As a distinguished off-road club, we are fortunate to have the privilege of immersing ourselves in the captivating natural landscapes that the United Arab Emirates has to offer. From the awe-inspiring vast dunes that stand as some of the largest on Earth to the tranquil villages frozen in time, the endless stretches of pristine beaches, and the majestic mountains that seemingly touch the sky, our country provides an unparalleled off-road experience.

    Recognizing the inherent value and fragility of these environments, we are firmly committed to fulfilling our role as a responsible club dedicated to the preservation of our natural surroundings. This commitment extends to the education of our trip leaders and members on practices that minimize our ecological footprint. Moreover, we actively engage in initiatives such as awareness sessions and "clean up" drives, in which we collectively contribute to the preservation of the deserts by ensuring they remain clean and unspoiled.

    In order to effectively communicate and reinforce our dedication to this cause, we have established this Environmental Policy. Its purpose is twofold: to inform our esteemed members about our unwavering commitment, and to serve as a comprehensive set of guidelines that we shall adhere to whenever we embark on off-road adventures within the UAE.

    By embracing this policy, we aim to create a harmonious balance between our passion for off-road exploration and the imperative of safeguarding the natural beauty that surrounds us. Together, let us preserve these enchanting landscapes for future generations to appreciate and cherish.


    Preservation of Protected Areas

    • We will refrain from entering Wadis during times of flood or unstable weather.
    • We will respect the significance of historical, archaeological, and paleontological sites by not entering them.
    • We will avoid driving in protected areas that have been officially designated as such.
    • We will not open closed fences to gain access to private or protected areas.
    • We will maintain a respectful distance from farms and show consideration for landowners, their property, and their animals.


    Wildlife Preservation

    • We shall strictly refrain from any physical interaction with wildlife, understanding the importance of maintaining their natural behavior and habitat.
    • In order to minimize disruption, we will actively avoid wildlife habitats, recognizing the significance of preserving their undisturbed living spaces.
    • When encountering animals during our drives, we shall promptly communicate with the convoy, exercising caution and approaching or passing them slowly. We shall refrain from alarming, disturbing, or pursuing wildlife in any manner.
    • We will respect wildlife viewing guidelines and maintain a safe distance from animals, ensuring that our presence does not cause them stress or alter their natural behavior.
    • We will educate ourselves and our members about the local wildlife, including endangered or protected species, to promote awareness and understanding of their conservation needs.
    • We will report any wildlife-related concerns, such as injured or distressed animals, to the appropriate authorities or wildlife organizations for proper assistance.
    • We will actively support and participate in initiatives that contribute to the preservation and protection of wildlife and their habitats.


    Do Your Part -  Environmental Stewardship

    • We shall consistently carry and use trash bags during our drives, demonstrating our commitment to responsible waste management.
    • We refrain from littering in the desert, as this hazardous act has severe consequences for wildlife, disrupting their habitats and endangering their lives.
    • We shall actively engage in cleaning efforts while driving, promptly addressing areas with excessive trash and taking the necessary steps to restore cleanliness and preserve the pristine nature of the surroundings.
    • Recognizing the risk posed by open fires, we shall refer to the rules of the local authority.
    • We will actively participate in organized clean-up initiatives and volunteer efforts aimed at maintaining the cleanliness and ecological balance of off-road areas.
    • We will promote environmental awareness and education within our club and beyond, encouraging members to adopt sustainable practices and make informed choices to minimize their environmental impact.
    • It is our responsibility to report any instances of environmental damage, illegal dumping, or unsafe practices witnessed during our off-road activities to the appropriate authorities or relevant organizations.
    • We will strive to leave the environment in a better condition than we found it, promoting a legacy of environmental responsibility and ensuring the preservation of the off-road experience for future generations.
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