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  2. Mighty Mike

    The end of personal responsibility?

    A lot of newer cars ( not the ones bottom rungs one like corollas and sunnys ) are coming out with braking assist features that if they detect an imminent imapact or an emergency situation they electronically apply full force brake, so it pays to have a car with a few bells and whistles.
  3. The problem is that millions of drivers should not be on the road at all. Many, if not most drivers have no idea how efficiently a car can be stopped, so they don't apply the brakes hard enough to avoid a crash. Most drivers are used to the sort of brake applications that stop their cars at a stop sign in town, which does not require the kind of driving skills most people are never taught before they are let loose on the roads. Autonomous braking on the other hand, uses braking and other capabilities no average driver even knows his vehicle has, so yes, many lives can potentially be saved if the vehicle's control modules are allowed to do what most drivers are not trained to do. As a practical matter though, autonomous braking will only make sense if all cars are fitted with it. There is little point in having it available on your car, if the idiot in the rust bucket behind you does not, and rear-ends you as a result of not having it.
  4. I have always wondered that why we haven't developed such tech since last 10 years or so. Even in my RR, it alert me with beep beep for forward collision warning, which is very helpful in case driver attention is diverted but braking in such scenario will be awesome. With this, we can really imagine a life without an accident and soon such tech should be deployed on older cars too to make road and road user safer. With present AI age, I don't see it as a big challenge unless there is some logical reasoning for not doing it.
  5. Thatcham claim that 1,100 lives could be saved and 122,860 casualties could be prevented in the UK over the next 10 years if autonomous braking was implemented by all manufacturers on new cars. Whatever happened to people being responsible for their own actions?
  6. Mighty Mike

    Sabre Engine

    Sorry just not possible you will just crash into the firmanent ! lol....I must admit I've had a lot of fun with flat earthers and whenever bored in mood for some comedic entertainment I open some flat earth facebook page or youtube video and read their comments! And yeah it really does become really hard to differentiate who is trolling and who is serious, but is super fun none the less! lol As for the OP sounds interesting on paper, but usually jets burn up a lot of fuel and rockets even more, because that burns at an alarming rate, You see all those rockets like the FalconX and Ariane 90% of all that mass and size is just rocket fuel. Just so a tiny payload can be sent into orbit. So I dunno how big a vehicle will be needed to haul passengers up in space and back and still be reusable. Maybe they can squeeze in to the size of a AN 225. But don't think it will be able to carry a lot of passengers. But its a good step in the direction of making space travel more accessible to the ordinary man, personally I don't have much hope from Virgin Galactic They have been at it for so long without any real results and don't think Branson has that kind of money left to throw into such things. Musk and or Bezos will get their way before that. IMO Virgin Galatic is pretty much out of the race
  7. Barry

    Sabre Engine

    At first I thought the whole flat earth thing was a troll. Then more people got involved and I started to wonder if the trolls were trolling the trolls. Now maybe the whole thing is one big troll and they’re all laughing at us?
  8. treks

    Sabre Engine

    Don't mock the flat earthers. Some of their proofs that the earth is flat are brilliantly stupid.
  9. Gaurav

    Sabre Engine

    Please order two for my Pajero
  10. Barry

    Sabre Engine

    This is the simplest video I could find on it, basically, it's a hybrid engine. Jet at the front, rocket at the back. I don't know why anyone didn't think of it before. Imagine if a modern Concorde or Tu-144 equivalent was running these engines, I could fly home and see my family in an hour instead of a cramped 9 hour flight with screaming children, people reclining their seat onto my long legs, people who have been traveling for 3 days with no shower etc. The short time would make it so much more bearable. Just like taking a bus to Al Quoz. There are many possible uses for this. The primary one I can think of is space tourism. As in space tourism, I don't mean proper going into space, seeing the dark side of the moon, more like a Virgin Galactic scenario. Get up above the atmosphere, see the curve of the earth and come down again. The photos would be awesome, great fuel to retroll the flat earthers.
  11. treks

    Variable compression engine

    Somehow I can't see this engine running on bearing shells. This is definitely a roller bearing repository...
  12. Barry

    Variable compression engine

    I don’t think the longevity will be much different from the current piston/rod/crank engines as it will all be running on the same type of shells, albeit more of them. The real killer will be lack of oil changes but you could apply that to any engine.
  13. treks

    Variable compression engine

    I was going to mention the reliability issues, but it was way past my bedtime when I last commented on this. I do agree though- only time will tell how long these beauties will last under real-world driving conditions.
  14. Richard Mellish

    Variable compression engine

    Wonderful piece of engineering. However a lot of moving parts. But it would be interesting to see how it fairs with high mileage. Also a rebuild has to be expensive in materials and labour. Time will tell gentlemen.
  15. treks

    Variable compression engine

    It should be an interesting job but somehow I don't think some, or even all of the moving parts will be available to the repair trade anytime soon. Besides, I don't think there are engineering shops anywhere in the world that are equipped to do the machining- there is some weird stuff in this engine that I think would require balancing to a degree we are not used to seeing even in high tech racing engines.
  16. Barry

    Variable compression engine

    I would imagine so. Over 100 prototypes before they perfected it? I would hazard a guess that a few of the failed ones were the engines shaking so hard the heads came loose. Even so, everything working in harmony like that just gives me a nice satisfied feeling. I'd love to do a tear down and rebuild on one.
  17. treks

    Variable compression engine

    Balancing this thing must have been a bitch...
  18. This looks interesting. Why did nobody think of it before?
  19. treks

    Nissan brain to vehicle interface

    This might seem like a workable plan, but some questions that come to mind are these- 1.) To what extent will the system eventually be able to compensate for a driver's lack of practical driving experience? 2.) How will the system compensate for the stupid, and aggressive attitude some drivers assume the moment they get behind a steering wheel? 3.) Will this system eventually be able to detect stupid and aggressive behavior in a driver and then be able to prevent that driver from acting on his stupid and aggressive impulses?
  20. Hydrogen is very difficult to store. Hydrogen molecules are so small that they escape through the material used for "normal" fuel tanks, and while effective storage tanks do exist for use in vehicles, they are very heavy and take up a lot of space in a normal vehicle. The alternative is to use fuel cells in a vehicle to generate hydrogen on demand, but on this scale, the technology is expensive in terms of the energy required to make a given volume of hydrogen gas. For the moment, electric cars are cheaper than hydrogen-powered cars to produce, and is likely to remain cheaper until the issues of bulk storage and distribution of hydrogen are resolved.
  21. No full details yet but it looks like Hyundai are set to release a hydrogen powered SUV Anyone got any thoughts as to why hydrogen hasn’t really taken off as a fuel yet?
  22. Nissan are working on a new system where the car will read your brainwaves and react 0.2-0.5 seconds quicker than your body can
  23. Possible upcoming electric Lamborghini?
  24. treks

    EV for the deceased

    Perhaps they are trying to tell us something...
  25. Nissan have now rebuilt the Leaf as a hearse.
  26. Adnan Khan

    Rothschild conspiracy

    This may be relevant. An old 1988 The Economist cover page.

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