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feel free to join if you dont mind to get your hands dirty greasy we can share our ideas but not our tools

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  2. Maybe brake pad change, for now, will do
  3. having a break is important

    I have downloaded the video just fine. Very dumb and fake after few seconds.
  4. having a break is important

    it works fine on my mobile and laptop...
  5. having a break is important

    I'm using iPad Air. With the speeds I'm getting, it should download instantly.
  6. having a break is important

    i clicked on link and the video downloaded in like 50 secs and it plays...
  7. having a break is important

    what are you using mobile or pc..? its a 7.5mb video mp4
  8. having a break is important

    It's really not working for me. I currently have 20.23 download, 5.72 upload and 3ms ping so shouldn't have any issues. @Carnity
  9. having a break is important

    you click on it and then it downloads the video...
  10. having a break is important

    Link isn't working for me
  11. 12488172_209047412770705_1454007539_n.mp4
  12. Scopes

    i was planning to get a scope but the price is shaking me so looked there.there are cheaper ones and some that you have to asmble yourself too at even lower price..but as always its still in the list of plan to be fulfilled someday...
  13. Scopes

    I’ve seen those. I actually have the plans here to build an interface to connect to the laptop, they’re very simple. I’d like something multimeter sized with a scope function that I can carry around but I don’t want to spend the price of a Fluke and I don’t know how the cheaper ones are.
  14. Scopes

    check this and there are more but i guess you have to assemble it... https://www.desertcart.ae/products/2076949-sainsmart-dds120-portable-handheld-pc-based-usb-digital-storage-oscilloscope-20mhz-bandwidth-50m-s
  15. Scopes

    I need a scope. However, I don’t want to pay for a full price lab scope. I’ve seen some of the handheld ones. Does anyone have any experience with them? Basically what I need is a tool to monitor AC waveforms and current fluctuations.
  16. Tight and to fight if its tight

    no not till date i've had that pleasure.......
  17. its not so strong mate used it once on the radiator after 3 coats the radiator was still leaking....
  18. Not a problem chum. It’s stuck with araldite, the strongest element known to man.
  19. wont it fall off when it reaches the bottom
  20. Cross threaded is pretty tight but have you ever had to remove a UNC bolt from a UNF hole? 😂
  21. @gaurav bhai non lost till date...
  22. I agree that means I should also charge people for using my tools in desert to factor the damages/lost
  23. and do you know the tools don't come cheap....