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feel free to join if you dont mind to get your hands dirty greasy we can share our ideas but not our tools

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  2. JB Weld

    A lawn mower engine cylinder head? Great, now for a Ferrari cylinder head!
  3. JB Weld

    Even this engine ran with a jb weld piston It begs the question, how long before we see 3D printed engines?
  4. JB Weld

    I know a lot of guys who swear by this stuff. It's a quick fix and it does work but I'm not into quick fixes. If you're going to fix something, do it right, fix it first time. I am however, pretty impressed by this, although I guess you could obtain a similar result with any temp resistant hard setting epoxy. No patience? Engine starts running at 7:45
  5. its just a drain bolt not a head bolt

    Hi guys, been there!!! The worst one is the maniac who decides wheel nuts are head bolts!!!
  6. yes some oil filters end is already smoothed out cant put the filter cups have to remove it with belt or sometimes with the screwdriver
  7. I feel you bro. Just tighten it with a spanner and leave it alone, job done. You don't need a 1/2" bar on it. One of my pet hates used to be working on fords with the big sump bung thread but a tiny 13mm head. Many, many times I've had to chisel them out. Just to add, spin on oil filters also. The tool is for taking them off, not putting them on and swinging on the end of it. Bit of oil on the seal, hand tighten it, then an extra quarter turn.
  8. dont know why some people just have to tight the drain bolt as if its a head bolt making the threads life shorter and some times giving us a hard time to open it
  9. Diagnostic software

    Yep that oldie one I have...there is a new one which has a scope built in but its for around 14k and I can get a oscilloscope in a better bang for my buck then spending that amount again...
  10. Diagnostic software

    Is that the older version with the built in printer? The 431 version 3 I have works through Bluetooth on android tablet but printing is a pain without wifi connection. I love the software im using now but im looking for something more complete with a scope function that I can add an external probe to do things like relative compression testing.
  11. Diagnostic software

    I m using x431 master
  12. What diagnostic software are you all using? Currently, I'm using Launch X431 Pro, 3rd generation. Works on android via Bluetooth. It's basically a Chinese copy of the dealer software so anything the dealer can do, I can potentially do. Has a few issues though, like if you're working on a VW you need to know the channel number you want to adapt, there is no description. I love it though. If you know what to look for, you can find it.
  13. Repurposing the engine crane as a device to test the tensile strength of earth wires
  14. Real world mechanic problems

    just as you think that all the components have been removed by you and your helper now as you ready to pull the engine out a stupid tiny miny pipe is holding it in...
  15. That reminds me, pouring oil into my own runaround after a spirited drive, missing the filler hole, then having to push it outside when it catches fire so your mates garage doesn't burn down.
  16. Real world mechanic problems

    Forgot this one, changing front brake pads. Your pushing back the piston when you remember you did not remove the master cylinder cap.. Pouring the best part of oil into the filler cap and someone distracts you and the rest of the oil misses the filler cap and lubricates the exhaust manifold. Happy days.
  17. I'm actually having a pretty good day today. Have a Bentley in and the KESSY controller isn't communicating with the remote antennas. A couple of MOSFETs and a handful fusible resistors ordered from RS Components. Solder them in and it'll be as good as new. Fixed for 10 bucks in parts. I dread to think what a new controller would cost. Anyway, back to topic, Refitting an engine back into a Range Rover. Starting it and oil starts pouring out from the back of the engine. Having to remove the engine again to fit two o-rings worth a dirham because your helper forgot them. Changing the oil in an engine. Pour the best part of a gallon into the filler cap. Realizing the oil is running around your feet and notice the sump bung sitting on top of your toolbox.
  18. Real world mechanic problems

    @Barry guess its a bad day! You could mention dropping a spanner or a screwdriver when your working over a pit or on a ramp. And the other one is climbing onto the ramp and forgetting to bring that socket. Removing the gearbox and it jams against some small object and the gear oil runs down your to arm pits. Working on your back and debris falling into your hair and eyes. And finally, the moving rocker gasket..! You have cleaned everything, greased the gasket into place onto the rocker lid and you slowly move the lid into place avoiding all the cables and other obstructions, start the bolts and check all is good. Tighten all the bolts and start the engine with a smile, that's until you see the leaking oil....!!! Start again..
  19. Being covered in transmission oil up to your elbows and your phone rings in your pocket. Having to wash your hands before you use the bathroom rather than after. Having permanent black spots on the back of your hands and wrists where the oil has got stuck in your pores. Paying $300 for 4 screwdrivers from snap on and 2 of them go missing. Realizing a drug addiction would have been cheaper than all the tools you've bought the past year. Spending half a day trying to trace a no start fault and realizing you forgot to plug something back in. Dropping a socket between the heads on a V engine and having to take the manifold off because you can't get the magnet into the space. Please share some more!
  20. Camless engines with solenoid operated valves are already here. Check out koenigsegg freevalve engine.
  21. latest ultra light weight valves

    From past two days i m trying to post this latest news but finally i figured it out see this section is for the future of automotive well these valves are just samples but i think they working on solenoids to be used on heads to eliminate those timming belt and its components...its always good to be curious and open to ideas
  22. @Gaurav It's a joke. If you fitted these to an engine it wouldnt even start due to lack of compression.
  23. Do they have holes in the base or it's just a design to shave off weight....? If it's holes, then how does they work as a valve...?
  24. Adding lightness is better than adding more power. If they were also machined from aluminum billet it would be even better 😂
  25. these here are the latest invention they are ultra light weight sports valves