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Mustang V6 vs V8 and GCC specs vs US specs

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Researching little on Mustang tells that before 2010 model was having 4.6L V8 motor and producing 300hp, and 2011 onwards 3.7L V6 produces same and V8 produce 412 hp. 


Any takers for V6 engine, as I am heavily confused with 300+ hp must be good enough for that Pony car in Dubai...!


Im thinking of 2011 or 2012 model in range of 60-70k AED so I can either choose V6 with GCC specs or V8 with US Specs. 


I know very little about specs confusion so appreciate if someone can shed some light on differences between GCC specs and US specs in Ford Mustang 2011 onwards.


Thanks in advance.

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Mustang is one hell of a ride since 50 years and it only used to come in V8 uptill 2010. So if you want a real Mustang and not a miniature then opt only for V8 and not V6. Horsepower is not everything, but handling, sound, comfort, response and fuel mileage of V8 is much better than V6. So don't confuse yourself for option that does not exist for real Mustang boys.


For GCC and US specs I feel GCC is better and safer, but to be honest I have never tried US specs and I can't comment 100% on that part.

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US Specs is horrible in Dubai, one of my friend mustang stays in underground arking for whole summer and she uses rent a car to commute (its so bad in dubai heat).

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      1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Restomod
      Engine and transmission:
      351 CI Windsor V8 engine
      Edelbrock 4 barrel carb with automatic electric choke
      Electronic ignition 
      4-1 tubular exhaust manifolds
      Custom 3” dual exhausts
      Upgraded to electric fuel pump with safety cutout
      Custom built air conditioning system for Gulf climate
      3 speed FMX automatic transmission 

      Monocoque construction 
      Uprated shock absorbers 
      Lowered 40mm in front on springs
      Lowered 40mm in rear on modified spring hangers
      Front strut brace connected through bulkhead
      Power steering conversion with uprated pump

      Brakes, Wheels and Tyres:
      Billet alloy wheels
      Kumho Ecsta LE Sport 245/40 R18 on front
      Kumho Ecsta LE Sport 265/35 R18 on rear
      Vented discs all round
      SSBC Force 10 twin pot calipers front and rear
      Additional SSBC Force 10 handbrake calipers on rear


      Full respray in custom gun metal grey
      HID headlights
      Front chin spoiler
      Bonnet pins
      Hood scoop
      Sequential direction indicators fitted in scoop
      Chrome bumpers and trim
      Shortened radio antenna
      Vents on rear quarter panel

      Original vinyl low back seats
      Custom colour changing dashboard 
      Dashboard plastics painted to match exterior colour
      Springalex style steering wheel
      Kenwood DVD head unit
      Boston Dynamics speakers
      Reversing camera screen hidden inside rear view mirror, only visible when activated

      I have been looking after this car for around a year now, doing maintenance, repairs, restoration and modifications along the way. 
      Now I know you’re thinking it doesn’t look like any Mach 1 you may have seen before. That’s because it doesn’t. 
      The previous owner had left the car with a bit of an identity crisis. It was a weird Mach 1/GT500 Eleanor hybrid. Eleanor bodykit complete with front bumper, arch spats, side skirts with holes for a side exhaust and random fake vents stuck all over the body. When you walked to the rear of the car it had the original Mach 1 rear window louvre and ironing board spoiler.
      Now the car has been restored to a much cleaner look with all the Satwa spec stick on parts removed. It’s finished in a beautiful gunmetal grey with deep lacquer for a high gloss finish. 
      The first thing that hits you when you get into the car is the smell. Vinyl and petrol. It transports you back in time to a place where no modern car can ever take you. 
      When you turn the key, you are greeted by the illuminated dashboard which can change colour at the touch of a button. 
      If the car has been sitting for a while, it’s best to turn the ignition on/off a few times to fill the fuel bowl which facilitates easier starting. In this hot climate, the fuel will evaporate from the carburettor if the car hasn’t been used.
      Turn the key further to engage the starter motor, pump the accelerator a couple of times and the engine fires into life assaulting the senses. The first thing that hits is the noise and vibration. The 351 Windsor V8 with 4 barrel Edelbrock carb and 3 inch exhausts sounds like thunder and will rattle windows half a mile away.
      Engage D on the 3 speed FMX slushmatic box and you’re ready for the road. The Windsor engine produces 250 BHP in standard from. This example produces an estimated 275-280 BHP with the modifications. Being an almost 50 year old car it isn’t going to set the world on fire but it can hold its own amongst modern traffic.
      The suspension modifications help the car to corner flat and level and the wide, low profile tyres help it stick to the road. The car is equipped with an open type differential and would greatly benefit from one of a limited slip variety to add some tail out and donut action.
      The car originally came with drum brakes all round. The change to a modern system with vented discs with twin pot calipers makes a night and day difference to stopping distances and inspires confidence in hard braking situations.
      One thing to remember about old cars like this with carburettors is that they will need tuned twice a year to ensure maximum performance, once in winter and once in summer to account for the difference in intake air temperatures. The old points type ignition system has been changed for electronic ignition which leaves the car a lot more reliable and easier to service.
      The new modern sound system performs well but let’s be honest, when you drive a car like this the only station you need is Exhaust FM.
      This is an extremely long car and the reversing camera with disappearing screen concealed in the rear view mirror is a huge benefit.
      Other little touches like sequential LED turn indicators in the hood scoop, the HID headlights, all add up to make this a car you can drive every day. If you don’t mind the fuel bill that is.


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