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Tesla Killer ?

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Ok everybody knows I got no love for the EVs but this looks very interesting, these people have been quietly and anonymously working away for the last 7 years developing this thing, already bought a defunct Mitsubishi factory in the US and converted it for mass production and looks pretty capable off road and the SUV version is right up there with the swankiest Range Rover in terms of luxury, And unlike Fisker they seem to actuallu know how to mass produce car. And best of all, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg like he Tesla or other EVs of today. The price is around $60,000, the avg price of a truck or SUV nowadays. 

This video doesn't do it justice but youtube and google more 



Watch from 16.00 onwards for better shots of the Rivian 


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Seen that before. Nice looking piece of kit. I imagine it will have buckets of torque which is never a bad thing. 

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