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RTA Renewal is a mandatory process in UAE for all vehicles from private to commercial use. Vehicle Registration Renewal is mandated and conducted by the Road and Transport Authority (RTA). Vehicle renewal is a fairly simple and quick process conducted at multiple RTA Vehicle Testing Centres as a precondition to RTA registration renewal. Any new light passenger vehicle is registered for three years. After that, you have to get RTA car registration renewal every year.

These RTA car renewal rules are in place to ensure that vehicles plying on the road meet emissions regulations and are safe to operate. This alleviates the negligence of vehicle owners in maintaining their car. RTA vehicle testing is a regular part of vehicle ownership in the UAE, but it can sometimes give you anxiety if you are driving an old cars. If you are well-prepared, you can make the entire process more convenient and quick. Since 2019 RTA offering an amazing service where you can get vehicle renewal online and get the new registration card by courier delivery.

The basic sequence of events before you get the car registration card (Mulkiya renewal) are as follows -

  • Complete the vehicle purchase formalities
  • Apply for and obtain proof of car insurance
  • Prepare your vehicle, get it inspected, then get the inspection passing report from RTA testing center.

Documents required for RTA Car registration or renewal -

  • Emirates ID
  • Car Insurance
  • Old vehicle registration card
  • UAE Driving license
  • Vehicle test passing certificate.

The best way to avoid fines is to keep up with the dates. When does the expiration expire? You need to get your inspection done on or before that day, but only as long as you can immediately get your registration. If you fail the test, you will have to pay a re-test fee and get your car repaired. Hence, if you have an older vehicle and have been delinquent with some oil changes, give yourself enough time to get the car to a mechanic or fix it yourself before going for inspection.

You just can’t drive your car if you’ve failed your inspection and run out of days in your registration card. Even if you are within the 1 month grace period, the fine for driving without valid registration is a whopping AED 500. Not just that - the car will be detained for a week. The best way to save money is to not pay fines.

All the components of your car will be inspected during the test. The brakes and handbrake will be checked for their proper and acceptable working. Emissions testing will be performed as well. Make sure your car is otherwise clean and shiny and remove unnecessary things from the cabin.

The test for light passenger vehicles costs AED 170, and usually takes 15 minutes. Heavy vehicles inspection will take a few more minutes at the inspection center. These and commercial vehicles have a more comprehensive checklist to clear.

Here are the few popular places for car passing in UAE -

  • Tasjeel vehicle testing - Dubai, Sharjah and Northern Emirates
  • Tasjeel vehicle testing centres offer chassis testing and comprehensive test plans, but they will drive up costs.
  • Wasel vehicle testing - Dubai
  • Shamil vehicle testing - Dubai
  • Adnoc vehicle inspection centres - Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Western region
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And you can always contact me if you want to push through passing issues 😁😁

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On 8/24/2019 at 2:13 PM, Carnity said:

100 Points awarded to @adil for this "Exceptional Post".

Any guidelines for exceptional post?

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On 8/29/2019 at 4:42 PM, Derick said:

Any guidelines for exceptional post?

Exceptional post can be anything that is above and beyond the regular replies. It maybe short or long or comprehensive as far it is exceptionally helpful, precise and useful new topic/reply.

Exceptional post award will be decided by Admin or Moderators only.

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    • By Gaurav
      As we all know that RTA renewal for cars is for 12 months and insurance we get is for 13 months policy to cover the 1 extra month which RTA gives for a grace period. During this grace period, we can fix the failed car or compare the best insurance available in UAE.
      I have been driving all my cars during that grace period without any worry, but recently heard some rumor that RTA is issuing a fine if they catch you driving with expired mulkia even in a grace period of the 13th month. RTA fines are ranging from 500 - 1000 Dhs.
      Is it true? Has anyone got any fine by cops or scanner for driving a car (not parked) during the grace period....?
    • By Gaurav
      I know RTA renewal for the vehicle is for 1 year and it comes with 1-month grace until the insurance is expiring. Is there any fine if we exceed this 1-month grace by 2-3 days, of course, I will get the new insurance in place before the old insurance expires?
      I completely missed out on wifey Trailblazer rta renewal and sent for passing few days back and it got failed with leaking axle boot and brake light. Thought of getting all done today, and just came across a new issue that steering assembly is leaking, which has been already fixed earlier this year. My vehicle registration expired on 9 April 2018 and Insurance is expiring on 9 May 2018. Boot and brake light will be fixed today and I could have still done another passing and got everything sorted by today or tomorrow, but this new issue of steering rack leaking again might push few days beyond 9 May 2018, so what do I do now? Go to RTA renewal center and explain this and get some waiver for a couple of days or just pay the fine (if any).
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