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Morning Intermediate Desert Drive - Yahar (Sweihan Adventures) - Abu Dhabi - 25 Sep 2022


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By the end of the day, after all the trouble of waking up early, traveling slowly due to fog, and patiently waiting for fog to clear, we all had the biggest smiles on our faces. I had the best drive of my life thanks to @Srikumar, who led the convoy with enthusiasm and showed how much he loves what he does. His eyes used to light up when he saw a large dune, and he would root and say, "Floor it guys!" 🙂

We also had amazing support of @Frederic as SL and @Looper at the back,its was great catching up with all early morning and chit-chating @Gaurav Soni i hope your car gets fixed quick and its not again one of yours MAF sensors 🙂 @Vaibhav at the back and @ASAD. i was just enjoying my drive as i trust these guyz @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler you drove beautifully pushing your rubicon to the limits excellent line and control displayed well done @Alexanderrr @Simon Dawood excellent job keep up to frederic you guyz really pushed your Pajero to the limits @Amr Aydin only one with comes in my mind when see you drive, you are a Smooth operator 🙂 @Zed yes i did manage to get back home in time to ensure that i enjoy the rest of the weekend 😀,its was really fun driving with you and hear that V8 roaring @Anoop Nair @Tom B once again it was fun driving with you big guyz.

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And Now comes my note of thanks! Thanks @Srikumar , a great drive before i go for 4 weeks break , fantastic start and great end and @Frederic was great to have you as part of this drive 🙌🏼 

Thanks  for the support  @Looper on the sweep and @Zed in the middle.


Was another pleasant @Gaurav Soni, to see you but lasted only few hours, and look fwd to see you soon again. 


Its pleasure to see always @Amr Aydin! Great drive being your first one as IM😎! @Alexanderrr the control you display with ur Machine🤘🏽! @Simon Dawood and @Zed Was great to see you guys, been long I drove with u! 
And the trio whom I overtook only once ;) Before the start of drive on highway😂, @ASAD. @Vaibhav and @Waqas Parvez always fun to drive with u guys!  @Anoop Nair With ur manual machine , Was surprise to see you, was expecting you takin a break fixing it but That shows ur passion🤘🏽! and @Tom B I was watching you in rear mirror , sheer pleasure🍻


Looking forward to seeing you all soon again! I dint participate today in fastest finger round, so one lucky person got confirmed seat😂😂✌️

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58 minutes ago, DP1011 , Deepak wrangler said:

Great videos there @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler, thanks to the Mrs from all of us. Now we owe her a breakfast next time 😁

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