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  1. Thanks Again @GauravSoni , those dunes and the super challenging technical patches - Loved everybit of it🤘🏽😎! @Brette Was great to have your surprise last minute joining, made it a majority of Jeep guys, thanks to you to beat pajeros by 3:2😂 @Brett Eicher Always impressive the way you have control over ur machine, and Its not just a machine, I can say u carry a mobile garage with you😂! great collection of those accessories! @Simon D That roaring sound once again, always pleasure to drive with you ! Have clicked some pictures and videos, shall share shortly😎! Great fun and thanks again @GauravSoni / @Kailas and @Looper for your joint efforts for the live matches on big screen😎🍻!
  2. Happppyyyyyy Birthdayyyyy @Frederic !! Wishing you best of health, wealth and lots of amazing drives !
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