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  1. If u stay close by JLT u can take mine, but mine is NON suction, but Quick release one, you need to have bracket installed...
  2. Congratulations @Ahmad Nerat for the level up ! Enjoy the new one too , while you learn more during this level
  3. Congratulations @Ishak !! Enjoy the new level ! Well deserved and well done !
  4. Thanks @Kailas for a fantastic start to weekend ! Must admit, the entire convoy drove extremely well for the level and drive you offered, commendable ! Perfect second Lead @Joji varghese ! Congratulations @Marketa Dobesova & @Patrick for the way you kept up with the pace ! Well done ! I had my eyes on @Pavel Pashkovskiy & @Klaus Pedersen - who were again flawless with their drive and presence of mind, when at times they displayed when to stop even if it leads to refusal, ensuring they all times followed the convoy position and not overtaking- key to night drives ! And am sure the same was the case with folks in back end of convoy - Great job, specially when its churned up - never easy ! @Looper Always great to have you in the convoy ! and @Rajiv Sam - been long ago we drove together, was good to have you as well Thanks @Senthil Kumar for sweeping us for the first half of the drive ! @Georges Kazan hope your co-passenger recovered from the drive effect and all well now A BIG SHOUT OUT TO @Pavel Pashkovskiy For the coffee/tea and treat for everyone - That was much needed my friend ( and am sure everyone would agree ) - Very thoughtful ! would be looking forward to having many more coffees with you in upcoming drives !!
  5. Congratulations @Misha Puskar , An sure you will enjoy the new level😎
  6. Late post from my end too ! RESILIENCE & HOW TO HANDLE RESILIENCE WITH LAUGHTER AND LIGHTER MOOD, How to keep yourself Calm in this situation when you are the one whose car decided to offer you with issues - was my key take away from this drive ! - Courtesy @Varun Mehndiratta @Looper @Gok Krish @Zed ! Come what happens, our lead was in no mood to stop, I realise it now @Varun Mehndiratta Taking that break, to use few minutes for playing around some bowls and dunes, was a great idea, as it gave us time to unplug and think louder on plans for Looper's car ! Am sure it has been a great learning experience and I can fully Echo what you guys summarized it @Varun Mehndiratta & @Looper - We go as a convoy and come as a convoy. Great second lead @Ishak followed by amazing levelled up drive by @lucas amat, always helpful to have our experienced friend @Anoop Nair. @PETELCZYC PAJERO - luke Great to see Mia with you always ( This time in her New hair cut ) ! @ @MohamedSherif been long time I saw you after our Badayer , impressive the way you were taking those long range tall dunes ! @Murtaza Bhuria am sure your basics of PSIs is revised and also when not sure of track not to attempt - With every drive we learn and some times lessons we never forget - Having said that you did well with Pajero while sandwiched between jeepers ! @Gary F White sand Runner, always stands out among the whole of convoy... @Krishna R & @Bravoecho & @Mahmoud Taha Great catch up with the Jeep Boys - Specially when you have the 392 beast behind you @Gok Krish 392 - I say nothing more great power when you were pulling me and looper - change your user id to GK392 @Varun Mehndiratta - There has to be FB 2.0 Sweihan - to make sure we resume the Plan is No plan drive again, and meet the old lady !
  7. Been there, done that , Specially the timely announcements of Monday
  8. Congratulations @Deepak Eswar ! Welldone and time for ur next stepped up level of fun and learn:)
  9. Congratulations @Abdul Basit Khan well done! Enjoy the next level:)
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