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    For me it has to be, People arguing about price. Sure, there’s a bit of discount for regular customers but if you want a good job done it costs money. It’s not just my time, it’s the cost of tools, lifts etc. These things don’t pay for themselves. It’s a business. Calling every 30 minutes to see if your car is ready. I can’t finish your car if I’m spending 3 hours a day answering the phone. I’ll call you when it’s done. Giving a diagnosis from another mechanic. I used to waste so much time chasing up stuff that the customer said another mechanic said was wrong. Sometimes it’s better just to listen to the symptoms and do your own leg work. Getting mad over breakages. Sometimes you have to remove a good part to get access to the faulty part and the good part will break. Sure some mechanics are cack handed but nobody ever thinks the parts on their car are old and brittle and will break if you touch them. It’s not always the mechanics fault. Asking to borrow tools. No. That torque wrench cost 750 dhs and just had a 6 month calibration at 300 dhs. Telling me you diagnosed your fault on google. Ok. I’m still going to plug it in and do my own proper diagnosis. If you insist on paying 2 sets of labour, ok. The customer is always right? Staring over my shoulder when I’m working. I really hate this one. If you ask me how to do something I’ll show you. If you’re staring over my shoulder, it makes me feel like you think I don’t know what I’m doing. Like you know any better? Don’t get butthurt because I’m bashing something with a hammer. I’m hitting it with a hammer because it needs to be hit with a hammer. If your car overheated and you kept on driving, just tell me. Don’t hide it. Knowing exactly what happened makes my job a lot easier and saves you money. Same with every fault, just be honest. It’s not for me, it’s for you. If I tell you what the fault is with your car, that’s the fault so believe it. I have better things to do with my time than guess and rebuild an engine 3 times. It’s not a game. If I diagnose your car, I should be the one to repair it. I see too many parts fitters here. Customer gets the fault diagosed with a reputable mechanic then goes to a hack to get parts swapped. Last one. Clean your car before you come in or at least take the trash out of it. Crawling upside down under a dashboard and rubbing my head on a carpet covered in cigarette ash and dog poop from your shoes isn’t a nice experience.
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    Let me present to you the Baja 1000. This a 800-900 miles race in the State of Baja California, Mexico. This is done every year since 1967. It allows various types of vehicle classes to compete on the same course with classes for cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs and buggies. My dad was asked to build two cars for 2010 truck class (it won 1st place) and 2011 buggie class (it won 2nd place). We used to go every year to watch the race.
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    Lately I cant help to notice that there are quite a few number of cars with snorkels. I cant help looking around me and see sand. I have driven offroad in other countries for many years and never in my life have seen the need to have a snorkel for my car and yet here in this sandbox we all call home I see plenty of cars with it. Do you really need one? has the amazons magically appeared somewhere in the UAE? I know there are some rivers here in the UAE but does it really justify to restrict the air intake of your car? I was just wondering since I am fairly new to the country
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    Yes very good topic. I would only see the purpose of putting the air inlet higher as it’s further away from the engine (cooler), and maybe takes up less sand. The cold air intake units take their air from underneath the wheel fenders, where I can imagine there is lots of sand. I like the look, but a fake one is really form over function.
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    An extremely interesting and highly debatable topic you picked. Just last Friday while I was riding with an IMC recovery guy, who is an ofroader too, he bought a snorkel for his Pajero and asking me the same question - how it helps and why so many people have them here in UAE? Although I'm yet to see Amazons jungle and water wading opportunities here in UAE except a couple of weeks in some remote wadi's during the rainy season. In such water wading that has more than 2 feet deep water, such snorkels are helpful so that air intake which is usually placed under the front fender doesn't suck water and stall the engine. Apart from water wading snorkels practically has no use and instead bring a little toll for sand offroading and cause a restriction and a delay while sucking air through a long tube. Imagine you are breathing with a straw while running. However, this can be managed to some extent, by reprogramming the ECU to adjust the intake long travel. I agree they look cool and some people I know personally they have fake snorkel attached, just for looks without any alteration of intake and air filter modification. Just like the two antenna mod started with Shkmo on his G500 decade ago, now followed by every G and non-G cars and accessories shops even sells a fake stick on antenna these days.
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    Thank you, Angela and I had a great day , it was so good to finally meet you all. I loved the drive and grew and grew in confidence with all the encouragement I received from everyone. I can't wait for the next newbie drive!! We did get the police report and everything is in hand regarding the repair. Thank you again for your advice with regards to this matter.
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    Bit pointless on a petrol engine. If you go in deep enough to get the plug leads wet the car is going to stop anyway. On a diesel with a mechanical pump it makes complete sense.
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    We have had our own @sertac. With a disconnected snorkel kit probably from the previous owner who put it there for the looks and @sertac used to drive along with it for the looks only.
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    It was superb experience, the encouragement for new drivers & guidance though out the drive was outstanding... it’s my first time with Carnity..I am very happy to join a team with very supportive & friendly attitude...
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    Maybe this dune isn’t the highest in the world as the video pretends, but...
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    @YevgeniyDYM please note that this is an intermediate drive. You can join the next Carnity newbie drive (but please, next time, if you find another convoy at the meeting point and you decide to join them, please advise us so we don’t wait for you)
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