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    Bit pointless on a petrol engine. If you go in deep enough to get the plug leads wet the car is going to stop anyway. On a diesel with a mechanical pump it makes complete sense.
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    We have had our own @sertac. With a disconnected snorkel kit probably from the previous owner who put it there for the looks and @sertac used to drive along with it for the looks only.
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    Maybe this dune isn’t the highest in the world as the video pretends, but...
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    Hi @SandySandeep and others please post your pictures in the gallery section Every drive has its own album in the gallery for that drive pictures for better organizing. https://carnity.com/gallery/category/110-newbie-drive-malihakalba-8-feb-2019
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    @YevgeniyDYM please note that this is an intermediate drive. You can join the next Carnity newbie drive (but please, next time, if you find another convoy at the meeting point and you decide to join them, please advise us so we don’t wait for you)
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    @Rahimdad bhai, all was shorted out.
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    OMG man, i seriously can't wait but time flies by so fast, that's a good thing... although sometimes waiting for the next weekend to drive feels like a long time hehe. Thanks for the kind words, means a lot coming from you now I need to learn more to progress Thanks guys, for everything you're doing
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    Trip report: Wonderful day, great weather and amazing people made this drive the perfect outing. I must start by thanking everybody for being on time. Started from the Adnoc pump on time and reached the deflation point. Everybody was patient during the briefing and had a good ideas and questions to understand the ettiquettes, safety aspect and basics of driving in the sand. My sincere thanks to @Gaurav bhai for making it just before the start of the drive even after facing gear issues. He also took on the sweep duties to keep the convoy moving. I would also like to thank @Emmanuel for being the busiest person on the day with most responsibilities. A very big thank you to @Javier M for being my second lead and keeping the convoy safe at all times. A big thank you to @Jamy B. and her Scottish friend (sorry I forgot her name), hope you got the police report. @Chirag S. hope all clear with the police report, you drove well but still need to understand how your car reacts in the sand. Thanks to @yogic72, @WiLfY, @BilalAhmad, @Brette, @Djamelus, @Sajith Kumar, @SandySandeep, @Julien V and Ben and his family joining us for the trip. As usual we started off on some tracks and eventually build the level to give a feel of the dunes and how best to manage them with small dunes, straight up and down. Some descends were a bit steep but everybody managed well. We made it to the gauge track on time for Ben and his family to depart as they had to catch a flight at 10 pm. @Julien V later checked with the family when they had already boarded their plane, perfect timing. We later headed to the top of Fossil Rock which everybody managed well. By this time the sun was setting and it was getting cold. There was a huge temptation to go down on Fossil Rocks, but with the stars not properly aligned we decided to drive around it to our spot. We sat down and with all in high spirits we laid our goodies down. From karak tea to some salty treats and some sweet ones I enjoyed them all. More amazing than the treats were stories as we all had our chance to give feedback and exchange stories. With everybody having their fill for the weekend it was time to pack up and head out. Thanks to all for using garbage bags and keeping the environment clean. It was a great to see only our tire and foot prints without garbage flying around. As we packed our cars and headed out we found a nice easy track with lead us straight to the closest road. After a quick stop to switch off our off road lights and remove the flags we were off to the Adnoc pump. We inflated here, said our goid byes and continued on our way home. I saw @Jamy B. on the way back and wanted to ask them if the police report was sorted out, but have to appreciate the fact that they are very arlttentive to the road and do not get distracted by anything. Thank you to everyone for their participation, until next time take care. Live you all and hope to see you soon.
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    I’ll start with the very unique Badain Jaran desert : Badain Jaran mysterious lakes
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    Hi guys, I want to get my BMW 330i wrapped in a blue metallic foil. Any suggestions for a company that can do it with good quality and reasonable price. Cheers, D
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    Thanks @BilalAhmad, seen the pictures, looks amazing, I want to experience it, as a passenger, whenever possible can't wait to become intermediate level to start joining these rides see you next time
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    @Gaurav AC isn’t my forte. I just hook it up to the machine and let it do the hard work for me.
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    Oh wow, finally we have all the stars, moon and sun align in one line, lololol Thanks, Bilal for lovely shots
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    Oxygen sensor isn’t a service thing. Only needs changed if it isn’t working, which will bring on the engine warning light. Theres no harm in changing the fuel filter, check out this video of one I pulled out of a Bentley a while back. See how black the fuel is coming out. Fuel quality here isn’t the best.
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    Fortunately haven't had such an experience, although it wasn't for the lack of grease monkeys trying to rip me off though. Also to add to Barry. I've met more good mechanics than bad ones Also I can take some pride in saying over the years I've probably stopped more people than I can remember from being ripped off too. But I do have this one good friend who is a glutton for punishment mostly due to being impatient. Be lazy and knowing absolutely nothing about cars also doesnt help. Sometimes he goes in knowing hes getting ripped off but in some weird grand scheme of things in his mind its worth it somehow.
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