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  1. Not only Bebsi Bhai till now for Karak its important to HONK I wonder if Planes Honk at each other if they are close enough or Tail Gating ! I have seen Trains and Ships blowing that Loud HONK at each other.
  2. https://gulfnews.com/auto/news/this-all-terrain-supercar-has-its-origins-in-the-uae-1.1579688978132 Almost half a million USD and then it rolls down the dunes. I understand why many offroader are expensive like Raptors and Rams bit this is way too high. What you all think?
  3. Hoping to Bring My Expedition on one of the Trip and getting out from the Grips of Sand Gods save and sound with the Kids
  4. Kindly Donate some points as I have none left to continue my membership! Thank You and Love you all in Advance
  5. Looks like an Amazing Truck ! Glass is Glass and Glass always Break! : Zack (jerryrigseverything) Have your say
  6. There was a discussion on the forum sometime back for Garage on Wheels, Well some read read it and https://gulfnews.com/technology/mysyara-comes-to-the-uae-to-provide-all-the-car-services-you-need-right-at-your-doorstep-1.1573977813290 and started the App @Barry bro have your say!
  7. Looks like a Key of American SUV, Ford , GMC or Chevy. Yo Bro door step of your house you say well go down and Look for the truck that belongs to the Key! Drive it like you St*Le it!!
  8. Bro do you really think horses! The way we destroying our environment and raping Mother Earth now. I dont think there will be any other animals left to ride. The Jetsons! already answered that question along time ago.
  9. Sharjah Police! Man they are ever ready to catch you when you are in hurry!
  10. Its Logic, But think Bro how many people have Jobs due to this and their families surviving due to what they do! 1 in 100% people working in petrol pump can win 15 million too do you know that!
  11. Feeling Sad, Depressed and Low Lost (mine to be) Tahoe !!! The Guy said his relative needs it. #HeartBroken
  12. Awesome or Not is another thing Seems like a mini off road Computer. Shape like Ford Explorer that's what I think! let's know what all of you think
  13. SORRY Bhai I saw it on google involuntary response.
  14. You Mean Twice on Friday! Thats the only off Few people get a week you know in GCC
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