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  1. My Mistake I agree I just saw some green mold growing on A/C tube and thought of doing this stupidity.
  2. Dear Carnity, I have a Ford Expedition 2006 it is a smooth ride and one of the most awesome thing I have driven. For Past 2 years it has been lovely drive still is until one day i decided it needs a Full wash. That where things went wrong. I took all necessary precaution before the wash as per owners manual. 1. removed battery cables 2. covered all parts as explained in the manual. 3, Told the person in Grand Service station not use much water in the Engine Bay all this happened in September 2019 After the service the car started missing for some time
  3. That's already been Tried! Have'nt it!
  4. What's Your Plan BRO????
  5. Legend Says " Fuel Cars are harm full for environment because the carbon emission, Oil burning so on" What about Electric Cars Mining of Lithium 1.Child labor for Mining 2. Land erosion 3.Burning of Coal to Produce electricity doesn't that cause Carbon problem must be more i cant really think of now. But my question remain how are electric cars better for the Environment?
  6. I have PS4 and I think its best choice. Now spending time Playing with Kids and yes can find Games easily New and used. @Rahimdad made me nostalgic with some older models. Started with Atari Games, Old Nintendo, Sega Drive then PS series. Old Favs always Street fighter, Tekken, Ninja , now Call of Duty, Last of Us and many other. I do suggest to buy PS4 or wait a little PS5 is on the way.
  7. @Rahimdad Why confused The LOGO of Mc queen and Caddy is same.
  8. I don't know if Bee Hive Brandy can Kill corona or Not but Yes it Killed every FLU virus I had and yes I feel Much Better and Back to Work fresh as ever.
  9. @desertdude Thanks for reminding me OLD American
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