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  1. Hi everybody. Great driving with all of you this afternoon. Challanging drive (for me). I shoock my guests up quite a bit 😅 Thanks to all for the leading, the tutoring, the company and the fun. See you all soon Ale
  2. Wow!! Thanks to all. I am travelling in Asia (in Malaysia now), so just saw the news now. Great!! 🙏 Looking forward to a new drive when I get back. See you soon.
  3. Hi everybody. Just a pics from yesterday's drive. I was just enjoying the desert and the great weather, so did not take many. But hope these can be a good reminder of the beautiful day it was, and the sense of freedom and camaraderie of the drive. Have a great week. Ale
  4. Thanks everybody for the nice drive. Good people, good fun and good tips. I'll have to drop my spoon and get a real shovel, too. See you soon on the sand. Ale
  5. Hey guys. Where is everybody. There are only bikers here (behind the gas station)..... now 5:45am
  6. For all the drivers, there is an ADNOC station right at the Al Qudra parking area, next to Last Exit. I called them, and they are now open 24h. I have topped up, just in case, but we can also use this new pump station. See you tomorrow.
  7. Hi Srikumar. What is the petrol station nearest to the meeting point? Did they open the station near Last Exit Al Qudra? Thanks
  8. Hi Srikumar. I have an FJ Cruiser, equipped with recovery points, and all needed accessories. I have driven several times (more than 10 drives in the UAE) with Dubai Offroaders and Oryx 4X4 (Junior ++ level / pre-Oryx)
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