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  1. Thanks @Srikumar for again a fun drive ! It was the second time that I was able to explore Sweihan and I really love the area .... So much fun there ! There is indeed a bit of a difference between our little blue and our big blue but I am happy I am able to manage both cars !! Not sure though if the car will be able to make it on higher levels but I am very confident @Frederic will find a solution for that 😜 I hope to see you all next week !!
  2. My first fewbie drive, with @Jeepie as my copilot was amazing but challenging !! I feel there is quite a jump from newbie to fewbie level but I managed well except for the last stretch of the day where I really got stuck ! In all the panic I couldn't even get my car into 4 low and didn't even know where the button of my differential lock was located !! Luckily @Gaurav and @Srikumar were there to help me out and save my little blue. I definitely learned a lot today and my confidence got an incredible boost. I was satisfied but exhausted after a full day of driving !!
  3. @Wrangeld I love reading your trip reports ! I think I did well in my little blue, next week it's time to try the big blue 😁
  4. Thanks @Srikumar, I had a blast yesterday !!! I think I also caught the off-road bug like my hubby 😁 I definitely want to do weekly drives if the kids let me. Next week, you will see me in my big blue instead of the little blue, Fred made sure I have 4 new off-road tires.
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