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  1. Over confidence after having driven for almost a minute and half. Didnt stabilise properly once on the ridge. Speed into the ridge could also have affected the overall ontrol of the vehcile.
  2. @Rahimdad waiting for the notification and getting a spot was as good as waiting for those exam results you not sure which way it will swing.
  3. Nitin Mohan

    Nitin Mohan

  4. @Gauravso sorry, dropping off this drive as something urgent has come up. Apologies for this.
  5. So, checked couple of vehicles in the last few days. One thing that stands out is how some of the sellers have no problem lying through their teeth when it comes to even simple things like accidents which can easily be checked online using the chassis number 🤨. Or claims like vehicle is in top condition, but fails to brake when it has to stop 🤣 One more case I ran into, was one cant test drive the vehcile until a price is fixed 🤔. The whole pajero was shaking when checking the gear change. Can't seem to understand the logic.This was a dealer though. Anyway, search continues......tim
  6. The first vehcile attempted a much smaller U curve and tested it. The second one, I felt there was a stall? There is a one or two seconds still moment before the vehcile flips.
  7. Absolutely. The price what has to be paid is always a question mark and especially during the winter time. Like this pajero, is quoting 22k, is it worth the price or better to take a risk on a sub 10k car and take it as it comes? @[email protected]@Frederic https://tnydu.biz/DOz0TC I have heard the 2003 pathfinder is also a good option. A 300,000 kms 3.5 v6 sub10k is too much a bargain or hard to believe? @Rahimdad Any insights, much appreciated.
  8. @Niki Patel Thank you. I am in the same dilemma with regards to minimal mechanical and second hand experience. I did check carswitch, however the vehcile options are pricier than dubizzle. Only reason I could figure out be the older models more easily available on dubizzle than carswitch. The models I was looking for were the pajeros swb versions and the 2000 models, mainly for the price.
  9. Dubbizle offers inspection services at a cost. Has anyone tried this and is it worth the price we pay? Any recommendations?
  10. Are there obvious tell tale sign that the vehicle has been abused and not clean as some of the ad says? Service history is just an indicator, but the vehicle can still be decked up. previous owners maybe another sign? per year average mileage?
  11. With pajero stopping productions, is it still recommended to get a second hand SWB? Some of the old ones are at a much cheaper price compared to an xterra. Came across similar listing as this https://tnydu.biz/DOzeao
  12. Isn't the Pajero brand going off the production line?
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