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  1. Always a pleasure to get up at 4AM for these drives on a Friday morning . Thank you so much @Srikumar @Vanessa8580.
  2. Congrats @Frederic. This is definitely a well deserved title. Always loved your drives.
  3. @Frederic what radio frequency are we on tomorrow? I didn't seem to find any mention.
  4. Thank you @Gaurav and @Frederic. Looking forward to more drives with you guys.
  5. @Mohamed Seidam Thanks for sharing this thread. This is @Gaurav recovering the Pajero from last week drive at Pink Rock with the radio guidance.
  6. Dark tinted Nissan Patrol tailgating and flashing right behind you on the left lane, but takes the very next exit on right side after you give way.
  7. @RahimdadSorry, I pressed the manage button by mistake. Will be attending the qudra drive.
  8. No flag and with the sand shooting up should have alerted the driver behind to check before proceeding. To be honest, this scenario is something I am always afraid of. 👀
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