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  1. Just want to go back to work. Took few months to get this new job after redundancy and ever since been waiting to get a normal life. Lockdown kills when waiting for such normalcy.
  2. Happy birthday Rahim bhai!!
  3. Agree. A good example is suits, which had seasons from 5 missing here. forced myself to cancel my netflix and amazon from new year. Moreover, netflix is in the stage of producing their own movies, which has made it look like a factory just churning things.
  4. Breaking bad is another one.
  5. Looking forward to more of those sidey's, thanks for those @Frederic
  6. Thanks @Frederic. Have programmed using channel 1 to channel 5 against respective frequencies. May sound dumb, but the step method was not necessary on the crony 777?
  7. Got a Crony 777 sometime back for AED 110. There are a lot of shops selling them, so if not one skip to some other. Motorola is available for AED 140 in the BA section. Flags are still not available, early guess from them is Saturday.
  8. @Frederic no worries. Got a crony 777 sometime back from Dragon Mart. Are there specific frequencies I can refer to, for the drive to try tuning it.
  9. Was quite a pile I got into, but thanks to everyone for helping get out 👏
  10. Really enjoyed the day. Starting to believe more often on the ' leap of faith'.
  11. Thanks a lot Sri and Rahim bhai for a well spent Friday morning. Attached some pics I managed to take. Nitin.
  12. Just a question. Are we allowed to have a plus one in the vehicle?
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