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  1. You should have 100L fuel at the starting point . So you should be good You are welcome as everyone, drive safe . Make sure you have gone through the drive thread thoroughly and follow the advises given as you signed up late
  2. This drive is for newbies who have at least complete the absolute newbie drive. Thanks for understanding
  3. Convoy List Vishal Nair @Vishal Nair Dinesh Kumar A @Dinesh Kumar A kiranshinde @kiranshinde Muhammad Qasim @Muhammad Qasim Rob Soughton @Rob Soughton Julian Patterson @Julian Patterson Joseph Raju @Joseph Raju Rizwanm2 @Rizwanm2 Gaurav @Gaurav Position Name Car Level 1 Chaitanya D Black Xterra Marshal 2nd lead kiranshinde V6 Patrol FB
  4. kiranshinde @kiranshinde Joseph Raju @Joseph Raju Rob Soughton @Rob Soughton Manish Kashyap @Manish Kashyap Julian Patterson @Julian Patterson Adnan Halepota @Adnan Halepota Please read the above post and agree. Make sure all points are taken care of
  5. Vow @Hisham Masaad absolutely wonderful, totally deserving. Congratulations 🎉
  6. Thanks @Mario Cornejo for bringing up this topic .Generally for cuts and injuries , most kits have the materials needed i woukd definitely advise to keep few tablets of antacids - nexium or pantop and anti motion sickness (Dramamine) meds. Along with some glucose or sugar especially if you are diabetic. Having said that paramedics (especially with the ambulance) generally have much better knowledge than me as I am a practicing surgeon (exclusive for hand and microsurgery) who sees patients well after they have been stabilized.
  7. Hi dear @Sudhanva Sonawanecoming with small kids for a full day drive in Liwa is not allowed . Terrain is vast and challenging with no close exits just in case Please calculate as per your current fuel tank. What is advised is to have a combined fuel of 100 L when you arrive at start point. ALL THIS IS MENTIONED CLEARLY IN THE DRIVE POST
  8. U need to click on the emoticons to get your options and click totally agree Please click totally agree after reading the whole post , Tnx
  9. Please calculate accordingly as patrols consume more fuel especially the V8 monster about 150 km of off roading ( approx with the waiting times depending on convoy response ).
  10. @Salman Farooq is this is your first drive with Carnity?? I see you don’t have any drives mentioned in your profile which means you have to join a absolute newbie drive first - mandatory in Carnity off road club. Important check list for all members signed up on this drive please read thoroughly and acknowledge by clicking totally agree Vishal Nair @Vishal Nair Sudhanva Sonawane @Sudhanva Sonawane Dinesh Kumar A @Dinesh Kumar A khurram.k @khurram.k kiranshinde @kiranshinde Muhammad Qasim @Muhammad Qasim Rob Soughton @Rob Sough
  11. Love your report with admiration @Zed 💙. Great to have you for the enthusiasm, energy and laughter you bring on the drives . Mean while I caught you doing a lot of shoveling 😜when I was stuck Yes we are 👍🏼, well driven even at the back . Good to have you buddy
  12. Easy peezy lemon 🍋 squeeze for the @Zed LC which will come will a bull dozer attachment to make way for other cars behind him
  13. Please remove your rsvp Please remove your rsvp we missed you @Hasan Wahlan and @Tareck
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