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  1. 8 pm to 6 am next day you need permit. Not needed for some professionals Can be obtained from https://portal.moi.gov.ae/eservices/PolicingServices/Movement/IssuePermit.aspx?Culture=ar. Sometimes this website is overloaded especially 6pm to 8 pm. Better to plan in advance and get your permit if moving at night ( 8pm to 6am) - ONLY IF NECESSARY! We have to acknowledge and appreciate the tremendous steps taken by MOHAP, Government and everyone involved chipping in to fall in line.
  2. Happy birthday Superman @Rahimdad. Bar bar dil ye gaye Bar bar dil ye gaye Tum jiyo hazaroon saal Yeh meri hai arzoo!! ( translation - we wish you live a 1000 joyful years )
  3. I need the set including two shackles, rope etc. Thanks in advance
  4. @Rahimdad I want one set (rope,shackle etc) please. Let me know
  5. Unusual stuff while home isolation?? Well home isolation is not for me 😃 as I continue to work and provide my services for emergency cases as a Orthopedic surgeon specialising in Hand and Microsurgery @ a hospital in Dubai. At work the most unusual for me has been - to wear almost cover all with two to three layer apron and a N95 or N99 mask. This type is protection is good against the bugs but it literally suffocates you , even simple walking makes you feel breathless leave alone doing surgeries. But I am getting used to. - we are paractising social distancing among the staff , undergo tests as we come in high risk areas and we are always in for some changes happening almost every hour. - coming back home to undergo a complete disinfection before entering home and asking kid to wait who comes running to hug me , is quite a sad situation. With time even he is understanding the importance of it. - I am asked to be available on standby if need arises to help in this tough situation where some of the departments in our hospital are overwhelmed. I am a bit scared but I am willing to go , bring it on !! The same principle of desert drives and leap of faith working here too. If my colleagues are doing it , I will be able to do it too. There will be some stucks and refusals , but Hope and God being our marshals to pull out. Stay safe all of you
  6. It is not a curfew but unnecessary movements outside not allowed . Please all to cooperate
  7. Spy Designated survivor Toy Boy Homeland ,Blacklist ,scorpion and Narcos ( Longer series)
  8. It is work as usual for me taking all the best precautions . Praying everyone follows the advise and precautions. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe
  9. Thanks @Rahimdad. Keep driving safe and hope we can start having the Alu Parathas soon. :-))
  10. Frankly yes, lastweek two back to back drives and I was not worried about scraping it at all.
  11. Thank you one and all. Hope to get it better from the best
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