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  1. Videos from the same recovery and report
  2. Yes I have witnessed this recovery live ( 20 Mar 2020) , it was great to see @Gaurav marshalling the resources helped by @Ale Vallecchi. Jeepers ( @Junaid Sayeed) showed true offroading spirit, coordinating a very tactful recovery 👍. See below to the drive thread
  3. 1. Taxi with a green light on top with no passengers 2. Old Corolla or sunny in 2nd lane , at 70 kmph on a 120 kmph highway 3. You yourself , sometimes unknowingly end up doing all listed here🤣
  4. Must have 1. Front skid plate with radiator bracket whatever design or color ( 8mm or 10mm) 2. Front two and rear two recovery points because at intermediate or advanced you are more involved in these recoveries and acts as back up in case one fails or bends. Also helps to secure your shock absorbing support rope (Yato climbers harness at speedex) 3. Abs kill switch 4. Off road all terrain high profile tires ( Best and easily available at good price is Yokohama AT G015/ Cooper if you can get, BF Goodrich are expensive )
  5. Yes @Srikumar, I have registered for the test between 3.30 to 4 am on 2nd Oct ( Mahatma Gandhi's birthday) Have few queries , wonder if you can advise 1. Do kids travelling with us need to do the test? and do we have to book appointment for them? 2. What happens if one turns positive, of course he will be denied entry to Abu Dhabi but does he have to go into quarantine in Dubai? Thanks in advance
  6. @Emmanuel drive has been updated to fewbie , if you all are interested there are some places available @muzamil hussain @Vineeth John Joseph @Luca Palanca Falsini @Rizwanm2
  7. @Emmanuel drive is now updated to fewbie drive, some places there if you are interested @Sreejith Sreenivasan
  8. Great to see you here @Janarthan. Always super reliable , well done buddy!
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