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  1. Superb , many congratulations @Tbone. Just wondering what Tbone means ?
  2. @sertac if budget is not a problem then go for ones with full service history with agency- either FJ/X terra. If you are on a tighter budget then think of older Xterra ( 2010 and earlier you can get for <15k- depending on the condition, preferably the off road edition if you could get). I would opt for one without mods, no bumper cuts, and get it checked from a proper reliable garage before the deal and adjust the price according to the work needed to get it fit and fine. Test drive both FJ and Xterra as they are similar same spec wise , except for the FJ Xtreme model. You might feel one car more comfortable to drive than the other, which can help you to decide. FJ are more likely to be abused in desert than the Xterras in general.Good luck with your purchase!
  3. Fortunately or unfortunately we in the front half of the convoy ( No 2,3,4 and 5) missed all the action happening at the back towards the end as we waited for you all to get out of the situation, while enjoying the breeze in the moonlight (looking at the positive aspect ). Well done all of you👍
  4. Just home from this gripping drive!.. well what I realized is that this sport gets serious and tough as you progress and do more. Kudos to @Emmanuel and @Wrangeld who were literally drenched in sweat fixing pop outs, managing tugs and stuck situations. All drivers too did very well trying their best to keep up the pace and technicality. @Jeepie,@Vanessa8580 thanks for your support... relax and get ready to sweat it out next week friends. Some images uploaded in gallery.
  5. Magnifico drive @Ale Vallecchi. Thoroughly enjoyed the drive at Faya and Mahafiz. Absolutely no stucks and tugs, just few refusals. Well driven everyone 👍 Thanks @Vanessa8580 and @Denizzalbayrak for all the help.some images uploaded in gallery
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