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Invitation to Join Team lead - Asif Hussain - for the Desert Champions Trophy 2023 Adventure!

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Join  🏁 TEAM ASIF  🏁 in the Desert Championship Trophy 🏆 for an Epic Adventure! 

Team Asif is calling out to all desert enthusiasts, thrill-seekers, and adventurers to join me in a quest for victory.

I am a seasoned desert lover with a passion for adventure with over 150 drives and 100+ leads under my belt, and my love for desert is contagious. 

🏆 What Awaits You:
    🔸Thrilling desert drive across breathtaking landscapes.
    🔸The camaraderie of like-minded desert lovers.
    🔸The chance to test your skills and conquer challenging terrains.
    🔸An unforgettable experience that could lead to championship glory!

It's time to rev up your engines and explore the desert like never before. Join Team Asif and embark on thrilling drive that will challenge and exhilarate you.

To secure your spot on this epic adventure please comment below with your name. 

Find the link below for full information

Join me and let's make memories, one sand dune at a time. Together we can conquer the challenges of the desert and aim for victory. Let's unite our passion and skills to bring the Desert Championship Trophy home.

Contact Number: 050 699 04 11

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Fantastic @Asif Hussain we will shout as hard as we can to get your convoy to the maximum scores !

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"Go as far as you can see; once you get there, you'll be able to see further."

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🏁 TEAM ASIF  🏁  is complete 

@Mus_hus78 @Tareq Al Turq @Cole bertasso @Lalaji thank you all for joining this epic adventure. For a perfect preparation I will be posting drives with invitation and i request all of you to join. 

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19 hours ago, Asif Hussain said:

Team Asif is complete now. 

@Asif Hussain @Cole bertasso @JohanE @Lala G @Mus_hus78

Team Asif will be officially known as 




Awesome logo & name @Asif Hussain bhai...  so @Looper's  Desert Demons ghosts will try to make the Sand Runners "run scared" :D 

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