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  1. Thanks @Srikumarfor this short movie trailer which had my skid plates off the hook 😅! Wondering what will happen after full drive 😂….. hope you fixed your dhanno ! 😊🚗….. thanks everyone for joining the quick night drive !
  2. Congrats @munkybizness….. altho I missed the person as it was night drive I could hardly see things in front 😝
  3. Let’s see things positively 😎, night blindness has a lot of advantages like we won’t see the height we crawling up or sloping down 🤓….. scorpions 🦂 are like butterflies to us 😆….. fox’s like goats 🐐…… just hoping you don’t see moon as sun and wear sunglasses 🕶 at night !
  4. Epic Drive tribe from lead @Shaaz Sha to our sweep @Looper….. great cloudy day 😎 didn’t need to take out my sunglasses 🕶🤓….thanks everyone for supporting each other all the way to exit point …… @Zed we need to get along with more biryani drives once this covid restrictions are gone 😋…..
  5. If your waitlist yourself I am guessing there might be last minute drop out and you can hop in for the drive 😇
  6. Good luck guys I was waiting for last minute drop out but seems like all buckled up ! Have fun
  7. Well I am still thinking to join this drive but look at the temp today 50c where I was in al Ain my poor pajero needs to be cooled before the drive 😅….. but if I join an hour I would prefer 5:30 am and finish by 8 am 😂the quicker the better as the sand is like talcum powder !!
  8. Zed mashallah seems like your Nissan HAS BEEN upgraded for off roading 😇……
  9. SORRY Z ….. everything was set on side and my car was all polished for this amazing drive where I was looking forward to catch up with you with some old biryani chitchat but as the saying goes “ I slept like a 🪵 LOG” and was second lead while sleeping 🙃…… my apology to rest of them who had a great drive out there …..catch you soon …
  10. Hope you don’t fly in that LC after building it from scratch ….. either way we fly in dunes so be nice to see LC drone 😊thanks for your instant insta link will follow you from now on 😎
  11. Bro why is your LC mostly admitted in the garage ?🤐 you need to find a good specialist dr for your LC 😅…. Wish to see you in the LC SOON .
  12. 10 June 22 weather forecast saying 47c max temp , so hope the soaring temp won’t sink our cars in those wave of dunes …. My pajero is already huffing and puffing 🥵when I waitlisted for this drive …….. I will rename this drive to “ll forno “ !!
  13. @ZedI thought your were an IT MAN but how the differential works I guess we will change the meaning of IT from now on IT ( instant mechanic ) 😁😅…… but great effort to explain things in very simple way ….. thanks to @Gaurav who clarified more and Infact we should request @Gauravto introduce 101 theoretical classes for beginners which will clear their doubts and surely @Zedcan do that best 😇
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