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  1. Can I join this group to explore Nahel if so kindly waitlist me for this drive .
  2. Dear @Lorenzo Candelpergheryour essay reports are as interesting as your drives , through out your the drive my mind was playing the knight rider theme song were I could see David Hasselhoff (Italian version ) but this time in Jeep not a Pontiac firebird trans Am ……when I First saw the drive list with my name as 2nd lead my jaw dropped 😱and couldn’t sleep 😴 constantly thinking of how to catch up an American jeep with a Italian expert behind the wheel especially with pajero 😰….. but thanks to your warm up drive from the start that gave me the boost in confidence to drive behind you! After a
  3. Dear LORENZO ….. sounds like ENZO Ferrari to me After the last drive with you ….. which cost my pajero upper arm and lower arms but I enjoyed every bit of it 🙋….so part 2 sounds like a continuing a creepy movie 🧟‍♀️….. well I am all set 😎🧑‍🚀 to fly the pajero in the bowl 🍚….
  4. We love when we have mix of drivers from all over uae 😎….. it’s always fun to challenge the dunes of sweihan …… after all we have different cars with different power to push to limits …….. let’s wait and see
  5. Safe journey back to Uk and say hi to BORIS Johnson from all of us 😇….. hope to see you back soon
  6. We can’t wait to smash sweihan dunes with you Asif Bhai ….. sweihan missed your drives ……
  7. Well hope our drive is till on …… or else we will have to call Jeremy clarkson from GRANDTOUR to be our lead 😆
  8. Thanks @Fredericfor this dubai type dunes exploration drive. Altho we couldn’t find any lake or pond which @Zedmentioned but we definitely found “Gas pipeline” going all the way from Abu Dhabi to Fujairah 😬….. anyways thanks to everyone who joined us from DXB……, well everyone had our car belly scratched 😜….. next time we will be more careful while crossing ….. hope to catch you guys soon 🔜……
  9. Zed how are you bro , hope wel , I checked on google map to see the size of that mini lake , it looks like a black hole 🕳 bro , make sure we all come driving our car not carrying our car 😄
  10. Oh thank you very much, I was joking with zed , anyways I don’t think I met u yet but soon hopefully we will catch up …. Take care … thanks again
  11. Zed always mentioned to me about dragon mart deals …… may be we can meet up in this AD drive and get some first hand Chinese dragon mart friendship deals 😜…….
  12. Congrats 🥳 ZED …… welcome to the manhood club level 😝…… just kidding bro every level of drive definitely gives us new things to learn , be it absolute newbie or newbie , beside we must revise our Driving skills on a lower level which is much safer to do ….. anyways Zed I will only call you Z , last alphabet and Z THATS IN Nissan Z….. 😆
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