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  1. @Foxtrot Oscar thanks for providing an opportunity to join the drive. Drive was smooth with good pace. Thanks
  2. @Pacific, there are 3 different ways for disabling ESP. 1) Single press the ESP Off button (30% of ESP will be disabled) (ABS stays on) 2) Switch to 4H, then hold the ESP Off button for 7-10 seconds (70% of ESP will be disabled) (ABS stays on) (You will hear a chime and see “ESP Off” on your dash) 3) Pulling out the J6 Fuse (100% of ESP and ABS will be disabled) I own a JK and I use the fuse pulling method to disable ESP and ABS. And after placing back the fuse, all the light go off within 10 seconds of movement. Hence there hasn't been a need of a Kill Switch. Quick Question: Do you Switch Off the car before removing and placing back the fuse? If not, that MAY just be the cause for your lights to stay on for long.
  3. Last minutes plans always tend to turn out good. It was an amazing fast paced drives with several scenic landscapes with cool winds adding freshness to atmosphere. Everyone drove really well and we only had a handful of resfuals/stucks. Thanks @Foxtrot Oscar for making our Saturday much more engaging and fun.
  4. Hey @Foxtrot Oscar, I just had a family offroad drive at Qudra, and now I am free (Still at Qudra, 43 Min away from meeting point) I was wondering if I could still slip into the convoy? 😃
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