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  1. @Anvar Sadath Bekal It is very strange that I dont happen to receive any email. Is it possible for you to send it to: [email protected] Sorry for bothering you, but I really love the picture.
  2. Hi Anvar, Can u plz share this pic in actual size (original) to my email: [email protected] Thanks
  3. My first ever drive as a Fewbie and I must say that the quality of the drive was even with my expectations. The drive was fast-paced, with several technical dunes, allowing us to use our experience from the Newbie drives to swerve through them. Following the lead of @Chaitanya D, we did some Ridge Riding & Criss-crossing which enhanced the thrill. @Chaitanya D did an awesome job of navigating through the technical dunes, and kept the drive on track, making sure we get to make the most out of the 4 Hours.
  4. Thanks @Gaurav, I guess its finally time to step things up a notch and really put my car to test. I learnt a lot from these past newbie drives, especially under the lead of @Wrangeld, as most of my drives were under him. I also had the privilege to drive with @Rahimdad bhai a couple of times, really a down to Earth personality and superb leading skills. @Gaurav bhai’s depth of knowledge in this field helped me identify the problems that were limiting the full potential of my car, thanks again for the advices. Honorable mentions: @Frederic : Thanks for leading us in our first ever drive and really getting us kick started for the thrill that lies ahead. @Ale Vallecchi : Thanks for leading one of the most trilling drives to the date. @Jeepie: Thanks for recovering the Ford; countless times. Lastly, @Lorenzo Candelpergher @Foxtrot Oscar @Chaitanya D, thanks for assisting us out of troubles. One milestone achieved, now aiming for the next.
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