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  1. Hello everyone! Nissan is digitally unveiling a new car today, on their YouTube channel. We can all watch it live here: Let's see what's it all about!
  2. Thank you @Wrangeld and @Rahimdad for your comprehensive perspectives! Legacy, heritage & what the brand has done for years are so important in determining what the brand stands for or is known for in the market today. Adding to it, each one of us have our own way of looking at different features and attributes coming from our psychographic world views and that makes us all a potential target for these brands!
  3. Thanks Frederic for the well rounded perspective on Mitsubishi! The underdog perception for Mitsubishi is quite interesting. Any comparisons with Nissan & Toyota given that they're the top 2 japanese brands here?
  4. Hello fellow car enthusiasts! So we keep hearing that the Japanese brands, in general are reliable, durable, tough, efficient etc. Of course there are differences pointed out for service & parts costs for Toyota, Nissan vs Honda, Mitsubishi for example. I was wondering how are these brands perceptually distinctive to us as customers? What makes someone go for a Nissan vs a Toyota or any other Japanese brands for that matter. So I thought I'd get different perspectives from you all. To keep the discussion a little streamlined, let's focus on the following brands and answer the questions that follow. Brands: TOYOTA, NISSAN, MITSUBISHI, HONDA Key questions: 1. What are the strengths of the brand? 2. What are the weaknesses & challenges for the brand? 3. How's the brand experience in UAE - dealer, online, after sales service etc.? 4. What differentiates the brand from the other brands? Could be anything from product features, technology to dealer experience or even something else. 5. What if the brand ceases to exist for some unfortunate reason? Would you miss it? What would you replace the brand with? Looking forward to varied opinions and perspectives! Hope you all find this interesting! Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi @Wrangeld, I've woken up with a bad headache and wouldn't be able to join the drive. Will get myself tested today to be sure. Sincere apologies for the last minute intimation, would miss being on this drive. Thank you.
  6. Hi @Frederic Would like to withdraw my name from this drive as I've got a spot in the morning one. Thank you!
  7. Hi @Wrangeld, can you please add me to the wait list for this drive? Thanks!
  8. Thank you @Fredericand @Chaitanya D and everyone else for the great drive, a lot of learning! The tire thing is sorted, went to a tire shop this morning and got it thoroughly cleaned. As you'd rightly pointed out, the issue was due to some sand stuck between the tire and the rim.
  9. Hello @Ale Vallecchi, withdrawing my name from this drive's WL as I have got a spot in the evening one. Thank you!
  10. Hi @Gaurav, possible to add me to this drive, as my WL number was higher? Would prefer this drive over the morning Pink Rock one. Thank you!
  11. Thank you @Asif Hussainand @Srikumar for the fantastic drive. It was the first time for me as well in Sweihan and it was a superb one. I did get stuck a couple of times but it was for sure good learning with the tips and help from you both. And thanks for the pictures @Mikhail Lukichev! Some really cool ones!
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