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  1. @Frederic thank you very much for organizing this event and it was wonderful..my son had the first night out camping in the desert and he likes it too much....all good but I would like to highlight one thing...not being a spoil sport here...but appreciate the guys who join have a basic understanding of keeping the music down atleast after the midnight.. my son and wife had difficulty sleeping..it went on like till 1:45... I could hear @Looper asking them to keep it down but I guess every one is in the top of their excitement level....it was fun and I appreciate the event...it's so good to have this kinds of event often...but silent after 12 please.....
  2. @JeromeFJ thank you very much for the drive and much more thankfull for the feedback which will helps me a lot..I will try my best to improve.. @DanielN @Gautam Banka nice to meet you both... @Emanuel always pleasure following you as SL..you are perfect as always..
  3. @JeromeFJ sure its worth the long drive from dubai...so good dunes..I went for the newbie drive there on sweihan the week before.. first time in sweihan and for sure love it...I guess with fewbie level it will be much better and challenging...looking forward for the drive...
  4. @Rizwanm2 that was a different drive.. but will have to skip the competition....sorry Rizwan...
  5. @Martin M really all these drives only @Chaitanya D made us come up analyze the situation and ask solutions and do it so everyone understands what to do in these situations...it was really a great learning opportunity....every drive is a real good learning experience....
  6. @Chaitanya D @Simon D thank you very much for showing us the dunes of sweihan... very nice dunes....it was a great drive and @Martin M I understand you did the crestings for us to understand the cresting situation and how to recover...thank you very much...and the team was amazing... last run was without refusals and very smooth which is the best way to end a drive...thank you all....
  7. @Chaitanya D thank you for the sweep position. Hope to fullfill the responsibility.. see you all tomorrow...
  8. @Gaurav thank you for the event...my wife and son could get a feel of what we do in the sand...my son was like take me back to the barbeque place...just 3 years now...hope he get hold of it soon..
  9. with your advice anything possible....
  10. @Looperthank you very much for the ride.... that was the most exciting ride i ever had till now...thank you for all your advises to improve..it's so valuable to keep going.. @Imteeaz i see you in action with that difficult popout....great support... @Ranjan Das thank you for guiding me down that stuck... @Emanuel always great following you..its just perfect... every one on the convoy great team great effort.. to tell you the fact this is the drive that really made me confident to continue pushing for more....thank you all....😀 have a great week days and hope the weekends come sooner so we can hit the sand again....
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