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  1. Update: Chronos got back to me and admitted that the dash indicator light issue is a known fault and that they have no fix. Pretty rubbish really imo. Make your decision fully informed of this. Cheers
  2. Thanks to @Kailas and @Goutamand @Gok Krishand @Xavier Treasurer for ferrying us through the beautiful if somewhat overheated Sweihan dunes. A challenging course including both speedy and technical parts with a fair old dose of 'hurry up and wait' while various stucks, refusals and pop outs were expertly dealt with. Great team work on display from the highly polished recovery team featuring @Zedas Thunderbird 2, dispensing jacks and ropes and shovels (and radios) in all directions! Loved the big-ass bowls and it was exciting to see three tonne monsters slipping and sliding on the horizont
  3. The mighty black LandWhale was roaring behind me at number 7 today, I could smell the hydrocarbons burning in fury! Could you tell if the Gadgero was throwing rooster tails like last time? I am just a little paranoid about the throttle response. (Also, thanks for the lend of your radio bro! I claim Alzheimers) 😝
  4. Well... short answer? it works. It does what it says it will do. Long answer? It felt as if the Gadgero was still trying to apply TC sometimes. A vague sort of lack of response when I put pedal to metal and a sluggish feeling to the acceleration... but only sometimes and I may have even been imagining it because I was so focussed on it? A very real issue is that twice, the dash status indicator went from all four wheels lit/centre diff lit/ rear diff flashing (which is correct according to them) to just the centre diff light on and all others off! I corrected it by turning the igniti
  5. Still waiting on my bloody PCR test to show up! I hope to join the NOx train on time😂
  6. Well team, I've gone and done it. I have bought and fitted a Chronos 4x4 Traction control defeat switch. Why? mainly because it allows you to mimic a locker front diff by using TC to control front wheel spin when the trans is in 4Llc and diff lock engaged. Another benefit is that instead of popping the bonnet and removing the fuse for the TC/ABS/ASC I can now flick a switch and acheive the same effect. I know that I will enjoy this upgrade since twice now I have been out in the world (not on an off road jaunt) and had cause to drive off the tarseal in order to take a short cut and both times t
  7. Thanks Fred, yes I agree. The weight out behind the rear axle provides a pendulum effect which assists the LWB in a sharp turn. Traveling mid pack and toward the rear I often use the berms to assist in turning the little gold sand plow😂
  8. I'm going to stick my neck out and state with some sureity that I have found my SWB steers better in hard driving conditions in 4HLc. Reasoning: The big difference between the LWB and SWB is 400kg weight advantage, all of this is obviously over the rear axle resulting in better weight balance front to rear for the LWB. This is possibly even moreso in the 3.8 engined models. These missing kilos shift the weight balance heavily toward the nose of the SWB and in any vehicle in any conditions, this results in understeer. In my Carnity experience, this results in my having to take di
  9. What an interesting morning! You just know that the drive is going to challenge you when you get a refusal on the road approaching the meeting point!🤣 Thanks to @Ale Vallecchifor organising and leading an enthralling drive along the crest of the world. Lots of difficulties were encountered and lots of lessons learnt. Cheers to @Darren Brookewho was working hard at sweep and to @Alain Canivet-Abikhaliland @Nivin for ably assisting. I for one enjoyed it even if my energy was starting to sag after 4 hours of wheel sawing and dune reading in the glaring sunlight. Got some good air and some pr
  10. Thanks @marksfor a technical and challenging drive, I am feeling it in my shoulders already! Lots of nadgery little dunes with sharp crests and soft bowls, slow and intense. Great work from @Russearning his money at CF, I always knew where he was, even if I couldn't see him... BRAAAAAAAAAAPPP! Thanks for sweeping @Nabil Bishara I didn't see much of you but it sounded like you were busy. The sand was chopped up pretty well by the time we tail enders got to it and there were refusals aplenty, all part of the fun.
  11. Oh no! I'm following a Raptor... gotta remember to bring my ear defenders then😂
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