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Summer Off-road Adventures

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  1. Thanks Ale, it was a challenging drive for us newbies. I for one learned quite a bit due to your instruction/demonstrations. I have to thank Mehmet again for coaching me out of my stuck. See you all again soon.
  2. Great drive in a beautiful part of the world. Thanks Chaitanya for leading a tight team. Again I learnt a lot and had a heap of fun. Of interest to Pajero owners, I put in a K&N filter this week and my fuel consumption for offroad halved. It cost 313 aed but the extra power alone made it worthwile. Recommended.
  3. Just checked Zed, my 'E' is yellow with yellow script on a green field. New this month, the app lists my vaccination dates along with alll of my previous test results.
  4. If you have the Al Hosn app with the yellow 'E' can you access Abu Dhabi without need for test?
  5. Totally agree with Gaurav. I would be wary of a car that has only done 5k a year (on average), here where 30k a year is normal, I'd be happy with a 6 year old car that had done 120km. Just sayin'... I hope the owner gave it a bloody good run now and then.
  6. I took my SWB to Al Quoz for suspension kit and skidplates. They are not cheap but I am very happy with the service and the quality of work. I recommend.
  7. Update: 2016 Pajero SWB, front bashplate fitted. Second drive with Carnity March 26. 24 degrees at start and up to 40 degrees celsius by end of drive, no stucks or refusals, used Tiptronic shift exclusively (2nd and 3rd gears only) No overheating at all.
  8. Thank you Vanessa and Islam, I had a fantastic day and the first 'clean' round of my career😂. The Gajero was flawless with her new bashplates and 2 inch lift kit (thanks Icon) now if only I could get better than 44 litres per 100 km life would be good... Lovely to meet my new offroad buddies Gautam and Tim, Gautam driving the family Pajero was perfect for me to follow (anywhere the big bus could go, the little Gajero could follow) and I raised many a smile watching Tim plow the sand with his 300 thousand dirham shovel (at one stage I saw the nose wings go deep and I thought he was going t
  9. That page confuses me. My old 3.0 4 spd SWB used to hum along at 140 and my newer 3.8 5 spd SWB is even smoother.
  10. I am just now enjoying your Crony frequency video on Youboob. Success! (but now I need a little lie down, my brain hurts)
  11. It was an absolute newbie drive so I'm not sure how relevant my feedback is but for what it's worth, I used 2nd for the soft/uphill/turning parts and 3rd for everthing else (3.8 litre/5 speed)
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