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  1. @Hisham Masaadthanks for a great drive was super amazing and the climbs were great really enjoyed it looking forward to more. Great second lead from @Jeepiealways a pleasure to follow. @Peter Hagergreat job as sweep. Great to meet all the other team members some old and some new.
  2. @Jeepie thanks for a great drive today, as always learned loads, appreciate the great leadership and patience. @Wrangeldthanks for the advise and help getting me unstuck always a learning experience driving with you guys. will ditch the external mic for the next drive. see you all in about a months time. t Thanks to the rest of the team was great to meet you all had a blast thanks again for a great Friday afternoons entertainment
  3. @Anish S Thanks for a fantastic drive really enjoyed my first fewbie experience. Was great to meet a lot of new faces @Gregory great second lead was a pleasure to follow you @Mohammed Mansoor @Daniel Yang @Pierre de Maigret @Danish Mohammad @Bernard Kalaani @topgear @Pacific @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQ great to meet you guys and look forward to more assume adventures in the sand pit hope you are feeling better @Daniel Yang
  4. @Wrangeld Apologies still getting used to the web page forgot there was a gallery section. will for sure post the pics there for next time
  5. @Wrangeld @Alex Raptor great drive at the weekend, as always learned so much from you guys and the other team members. Can not wait for the next technical drive with you guys it was extremely challenging, fun and enjoyable, with an amazing group of folks. I think it was Richard that emphasized in the pre drive briefing about the community element of Carnity. This is really starting to come to the for now as we slowly get to go out on drives with the same folks and start to build those relationships. Fantastic club to be a part of. Some Pics attached See you all in the Sand soon
  6. Thank you @Gaurav looking forward to learning loads more from you and the rest of the team. it is a journey for sure, you guys make it look easy, which of course it is not.
  7. Happy Birthday, wish i had gotten involved when i first came to Dubai, the club is awesome and made so by the awesome people in it and running it, keep it up as you have high standards and those keep us all safe. A very happy birthday Carnity 💥
  8. Great adventure today guys really enjoyed it and more importantly great company too. @Islam Soliman thankyou for leading another superb adventure, this was more than a drive lol. we had some great learning opportunities with some very interesting and challenging stucks... appreciate you and @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQguidance, mentoring and assistance. was great to get to see a pop off tire and how to recover from that situation. All in in a great learning experience today @Joseph Raju hope you got home safely and there is not too much wrong with your car just the wiring loom issue i h
  9. Great drive today really enjoyed it @Kailas and @Gaurav congrats on becoming a Marshal @Kailas also met some more great folks, and the wife enjoyed the drive so all good for us 👍😂 hope @Sara EL FANIDI and @Joseph Sebastian you got you vehicles out and are good to go. Let me know if I can assist you at all Davie
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