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  1. Thanks you all for the wonderful drive and a special thanks to @Shaaz Sha, @Jeepie, @imranaasghar81 [email protected] Varghese for such a wonderful drive well organised. Really enjoyed the technical drive, Area 53 is of of my favorite terrains now....
  2. Thanks a lot @Gaurav for the promotion , would push my limits to do more.
  3. Thanks a lot @Islam Soliman and @Melenany for the wonderful drive and the off road learnings
  4. Thanks a lot @Gaurav Soni and @Kailas for the memorable drive and the kind words, will keep push myself for the drives...
  5. Congrats @Kailas, honored to be part of your first drive as a Marshal and looking forward for many more to come...
  6. @FredericI cannot RVSP this drive, but I am able to see other drive on October 1st. Any issues??
  7. Congrats @Islam Soliman looking forward to do more drives with you..
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