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Advise on car selling platforms

Islam Soliman

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Hi all..  looking for recommendations for a good platform for selling cars. I heard a lot of bad reviews on Dubizzle. Any recommendations on alternatives platforms or other effective routes? 

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Hi @Islam Soliman I think Dubizzle is not perfect, but also there are not that many alternatives. If you follow the main principles of not chatting outside the Dubbizle chat area or providing your bank details, nor engaging in conversations with potential buyers that don't even live in the UAE, you should be ok.

See below some more info:


I've heard about Dubicars, Bayut, etc.. but i am afraid all are same concept.

Another option is to visit car dealers but that's usually even much more of a headache. Always better to try to sell your vehicle to a private person as it will fetch the best price. Car dealers will only give you a rock bottom offer as they have to clean, inspect, and resell with warranty + their commission.

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5 hours ago, DP1011 said:

@Islam Soliman  Car switch.com, was peace of mind and they were good, when I sold my previous car. 

Carswitch was the biggest rip off to offer ridiculous price and then pester everyday to lower price of advert to brainwash. The difference was good 20k from asking vs suggested price of the car.

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Dubizzle worked for me last week. car sold within 20mins of being posted to the first inquirer.
(Probably was too cheep 😂) the trick is being realistic with your price. Make sure you have some fun with the dealers that make stupid offers, I had one going for two days that thought I was going to pay him to take the car 🥴

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