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  1. @Simon D @Frederic @Benjamin thank you very much for the drive after almost 7 weeks break it was nice to hit the sands again... really enjoyed the drive and went home with a satisfying feeling... I was missing that feeling for sometime and was longing for that... thank you all who joined for the drive... looking forward for the next one...
  2. @Simon D can you accommodate me on this drive. Just got confirmation that I can take leave tomorrow afternoon...missed last weeks drive so much...i can see that its a well supported drive and hope I can join...
  3. @Looper @Gaurav so sorry to miss out on two drives today which I was really looking forward for today after a long gap of 5 weeks.... but my son had a high fever in the night and kind of had sleepless night.. first I skipped loopers drive hoping I can take him to doctor in the morning.. but unfortunately our regular doctors were on vacation and the earliest appointment I could get was for the afternoon doctor at 1:15 pm which made me cancel the gauravs drive also.. all is fine now with my son.. but I just want you to understand that it was not a stupid excuse to skip the drive....what makes me feel so bad is I requested gaurav to add me to support and I couldn't..so sorry..
  4. @Gaurav I am really sorry but I got an emergency as my son is sick and got the appointment with doctor for afternoon. I was really looking forward for the drive but unfortunately can't join...
  5. @Simon D @Looper @Sunil Mathew very sad to inform you that I won't be joining for the drive. My son is not well and have to take him to the doctor first thing in the morning...
  6. @Gaurav I just added myself to the wait list.. I have a drive in the morning with looper and I can see there only you to manage this drive. I understand there will be many people that can help. But if you can allow me i can join and do my part with my very little experience...
  7. @Simon D confirmed..it been 5 weeks since my last drive....shifting my home and all...but I will definitely take this drive with @Looper
  8. @Frederic thank you very much for organizing this event and it was wonderful..my son had the first night out camping in the desert and he likes it too much....all good but I would like to highlight one thing...not being a spoil sport here...but appreciate the guys who join have a basic understanding of keeping the music down atleast after the midnight.. my son and wife had difficulty sleeping..it went on like till 1:45... I could hear @Looper asking them to keep it down but I guess every one is in the top of their excitement level....it was fun and I appreciate the event...it's so good to have this kinds of event often...but silent after 12 please.....
  9. @JeromeFJ thank you very much for the drive and much more thankfull for the feedback which will helps me a lot..I will try my best to improve.. @DanielN @Gautam Banka nice to meet you both... @Emanuel always pleasure following you as SL..you are perfect as always..
  10. @JeromeFJ sure its worth the long drive from dubai...so good dunes..I went for the newbie drive there on sweihan the week before.. first time in sweihan and for sure love it...I guess with fewbie level it will be much better and challenging...looking forward for the drive...
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