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I just bought mazda 6 2009. It has been driven 1,88,000kms by now. From the person i bought said ' i should get it serviced by 1,89,000km.

So i am looking for new Car service station in sharjah. As he told me to get it done from enoc or adnoc. 

But i want the proper service so if you guys can help in looking for a decent mechanic in sharjah. It would be a big help.



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If you just want an oil change then anyone can do it. Just stick to the Mazda service schedule. Use 10w 40 semi synthetic and you'll be good for another 10k km.

Id recommended learning how to do it yourself. It's easy and it will save you a lot of money in the long run. There are many mechanics who post on here who can advise you.

Watch this and see how simple it really is with minimal tools.


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