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Hey guys. I hope everyone is doing well. The weather of UAE is changing, so that’s a good thing. I just had one question related to tires. When is the tire rotation required in a car and how to do it?

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Tire rotation is really important to avoid frequent wear and tear of a car. Also, tire rotation helps in regular aligning of your car as well.

When to rotate the tires?

Generally, it is specified by the dealer when to rotate the tires of your car. In common, the tires should be rotated every 6,000 miles of your car. The reason why we do the rotation of tires is to improve the performance the tires and the tires lives.

How to rotate the tires?

Basically, there is a particular pattern involved in rotating the ties of your car. First you need to loose all the lug nuts on the wheel. Remove the tires slowly from the tire. Now keep your tires at the ground level in the same order of their position. It mean right front tire should be at right front direction. The same goes to left front tire, right rear tire and left rear tire. I have attached a picture with the post, to show the tire rotation pattern.

If your car is Front wheel drive, then then Left Front (LF) will go to Left rear, RF will rotate to RR, LR will go to RF and RR goes to LF.

For rear wheel drive, LR will go to LF, RR will to RF, LF will go to RR and RF will go to LR.

Also, just remember your tire rotation because you need to rotate your ties in the same exact manner you is doing it now. You cannot change the pattern afterwards.

And always, consult your dealer and the car manual stating which pattern is best suited for your car. If you are doing the tire rotation on your own, its better if you have a helper in order to be specific of the tires and their patterns.

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