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Options for a Daily Driver in the Budget of 20 - 22K

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4 hours ago, Srikumar said:

Thanks everyone for the suggestions, I had done some work and have shortlisted the following cars:

1. Lexus GS300 - GCC Spec (2006 - 2009) with mileage of approx 200K

2. Lexus IS 250 / 300 - GCC Spec (As latest model as I can get)

3. Honda Civic 1.8 L (2012 +) - A small but fun car to drive, but doesnt carry the image like the above. The only car that I would buy if mileage is the main criteria

Regarding Honda Accord, already one of my family members has the 2014 model so wouldnt want one more.

As much as I love how the LS 430 feels, having a V8 will kinda defeat my entire purpose of selling the Pajero. Mind you I am still quite happy with it, its just the rising fuel cost is starting to hurt. So I felt to get something that gives me the mileage between a 1.5 litre and my Pajero.

Regarding the Mercs, I was always afraid of their reliability issues. Any particular models that is the safest of the lot and things that I need to watch out for. Hows the reliability of the C200 (2007 - 2009) or the S320 (which years should I be looking)


Also, many of the cars are US specs but have been registered in UAE for quite a while like 4 - 5 years. Do i need to keep away from those as well?

Stay away from US specs unless you really know what you are doing as 99% if not all are insurance write offs and repaired cheaply to flip quickly and make a profit.

Now having said that Insurance is really weird in the US as it is supposed to repair the car to it original condition clauses so many what would be considered perfectly good cars here are written off. I've seen older cars written off as hail damage with just a few tiny barely dings on the roof or hood on a otherwise perfectly running and driving cars, because labour is expensive and to get a proper professional job needs the entire roof hood and trunk repainted .

So really is a gamble you could end up with something that just had a cracked bumper or something where the entire frame was repaired. And in some cases you won't even know it until after a few years the frame, fender, roof etc etc starts to rust and paint bubble because of a cheap repair job. 

But if you have a keen eye you can pick up a deal. But keen eye is important, many don't even know what they bought and are just happy with the lower price. 

I remember an Indian fella brought in Camry to my shop he had just bought. The thing didn't have a single body panel that didnt have inches of bondo i.e body filler on it. The whole car was wavy with not a straight panel anywhere to be seen. But he was very happy with it because he got it cheap.

I just didn't have the heart to tell him he'd just bought a big POS.

As for the lexus GS it's a good car and I know a friend which has 250,000 miles, thats miles not kme on it. Probably 300,000 miles on it now. And still looks and drives perfect.

But like I said if it's fuel consumption then it's 4 cyl only for you mister and that too not every car has great mileage. 

I get atrocious mileage on my mrs brand new 2019 Nissan Sunny company rental compared to the earlier 2017 Yaris. That thing literally ran on fumes. 

50dhs gas and almost full and week and half of from Sharjah to Business Bay daily traffic commute.

This thing hardly makes it 3-4 days on 50dhs. Plus its so gutless I call it the gutless wonder. mind you same engine size of 1.5 on both.


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Hi Sri,  my daily commute is a 2014 hyundai sonata and i am happy with its performance... It gives me 13 kmpl and the car is cheap to maintain. Sleek design is an added bonus.

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Sri, Keep the Pajero, Sell your Cherokee to me and buy a new Toyota Camry (reliable and economical) for your daily commute. ☺️


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Its hard to believe, but my XJ has finally come to terms with me and visits the garage only for regular maintenance. Touch wood. 

Love the XJ and would be the last car that i would sell. Another 2 years and it's eligible for a Classic Number plate

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The sentras wonderful millage is because of it's cvt transmission...which is gonna save you few bucks but long term ownership will make you eligible for a bank banging 3500 repair work of cvt overhaul...to be exact after every 150k to 220k kms have yet to see one who's crossed 250k....

And as for the xj sale I remember someone had agreed on a clean auto in exchange for a manual one...

I agree with the 430 it has all the fun and prestige plus you'll own the road and grow a bigger set of balls 😂

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