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Which car has the best AC ?

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Out of the cars you've owned, which car / model had the best and worst AC system ?

I've been driving rental cars for the last couple of days, and really notice the difference in between the different car brands. Not sure why, but the TOYOTA  Yaris i drove this week really froze my n*ts off. I had to put the fan speed on 1-2 even during midday this week. I've noticed and heard the stories before that Toyota, Lexus, and Nissan really have the coldiest AC units. What are your experiences ?

Please do consider only to make comparisons or ratings if you know the AC unit is well maintained and has enough gas in it. Window tint and size of the windshield, plus car colour also matter, but let's just focus on the air temperature coming out of the venting channels.

I will give below cars a rating from 1 to 5, from poor cooling to superchill.

* 1999 Pajero. Refilled after my engine rebuild. Works OK, but on a summer day i have to run the fan speed on 3 (4 is maximum). The air is cold but not chilly chilly cold. 2.5/5

* 2008 Pajero. Works fine, fans are really loud and powerful, Gas was refilled recently. 4/5

* 2013 BMW 316i: Works fine, but not really that cold. Was not impressed. 3/5

* 2015 Peugeot 208: Works OK, but definitely struggles to keep the temperatures under control. Fans are loud but not very powerful. 2/5

* 2016 Toyota Yaris: ICEBOX. Very very impressive. 5/5

* 2017 Nissan Sentra: Works very good. Close match with the Toyota Yaris. 4.5/5

* The RTA taxis (Camry's and Sentra's). Very very cold :) 5/5





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Last year for 6 months had a rental Yaris now swapped for a rental 2019 Sunny which I like to call the gutless wonder.

The Yaris was good but didn't have during the peak summer season. Oct-March 

Sunny struggles a bit at peak summer midday have to keep it on full blast to keep cool. But around 4pm you can start to feel cold on the 2-3 setting.

My 03 Range Rover also has a great AC. So much so during non peak summer time it's always making your knuckles freeze even at the lowest settings. I blame bad vent placement for that.

My Disco 1 also had a good AC in all the and so did my 1998 Range Rover but it was a PITA to get it to top notch shape when I got it has two separate blowers controlled individually and when took me a good while to hack a good repair and trace the wiring issue on it. But once it was sorted it ran like a champ. And both these cars I never had to top up or refill the gas in all the time I owned them.

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All the cars that I had, they were having almost amazing AC. I feel AC quality is more to do with GCC specs than being Japanese, German or American. And secondly of course car age and AC system condition overall.

If you swap all AC components to brand new OEM components in your Pajero, you will see a big difference.

Here is the chart in your language

  • 1996 Nissan Sunny - 3/5
  • 2001 Honda Accord - 4/5
  • 2003 Lexus GS430 - 4/5 - (EU Specs)
  • 2003 Land Cruiser - 5/5
  • 2006 Nissan Patrol SWB - 5/5
  • 2001 Range Rover - 3.5/5
  • 2002 Land Rover Discovery - 3/5
  • 1999 Pajero 3.0 SWB - 3/5
  • 2005 Mercedes ML500 - 5/5
  • 2006 Porsche Cayenne Turbo - 5/5
  • 1999 Pajero 3.5 SWB - 3.5/5
  • 2012 Ford Mustang 5.0 - 5/5
  • 2009 Chevrolet Trailblazer - 4/5
  • 2012 Range Rover Supercharged - 5/5
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2009 Mercedes SLK200 4.5/5 there is 5 speed on ac unit never ever exceeded 2/5 speed. Normally I am using the AC 0.5/5 speed even summer time. 

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.5/5 my wife always asking me to close the AC even at summer nights. Day time in summer it is more than enough. 

2000 Jeep Cherokee 1/5 horrible. I mean really horrible. 

2013 Nissan Altima 5/5 nothing to say Beautiful. 


Also this might change person to person I prefer heat over cold. Even in that circumstances cherokee was horrible. 

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the best a/c i have seen around is of Toyota carceda 90 it was really wonderful then any Lexus ls has good broad condensers

 post 97 Camry till 2007 as after that they introduced driect drive systems

the corollas from piston till rotary all are good until the clutchless systems hit

tercel echo had roterys and are great yaris older ones are better but newer ones are only good when its new after that they are never the same

Nissan sunny old models which carry the piston compressor are really good with serpentine condensors

older American cars which have the orifice system are also wonderful 


the car with shit ac are any suzuki...tiida or versa you can say then kia picanto those small pesky daihatsu's 

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