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Jeep JL Sport Tyres

nithin nk

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Hi All. I am getting a Wrangler Sport 2 door and planning to change the tyres. Stock tyres are 245/75R17 which looks very skinny. I have read through few of the earlier posts and found 2 sizes people are using. 265/70R17 and 285/70R17 and Geolandars. I have test drove the vehicle and liked its peppy engine. I don't want to add heavy LT tyres whereby it will affect the performance, at the same time I like the looks of wrangler with 285s. I haven't found any non-LT 285s. Am not planning for any lift and this car will be used 80% on pavement.

Appreciate your comments. 

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Almost all Jeeps with 285s have lift. When I upgraded to 285 I drove without lift for few days and in my observation 285s will rub to the fender in sharp turns on Tarmac and definitely off-road. Also they don’t feel right driving without a lift steering will seem heavy. You would be better off with 265s if you don’t plan a lift kit. I am not sure about 265 but you definitely need wheel spacers with 285s.

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don't drive like its your last one.

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