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Car Passing RTA/Tasjeel?

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Hello Everyone! 

I have a toyota LC200 with a custom made offroad bumper (metal) and roof rack (also metal). i previously used to have my car tested for passing in Ras Al Khor and it went great for 2-3 years with rubber stoppers installed and the offroad lights covered. however, I went today, and they informed me that ALL modified vehicles now have to test in either Sharjah or Abu Dhabi. 

I made my way to Tasjeel in Sharjah and asked the car technician there what needs to be done for passing and he informed me the only thing to do is install the stock bumper for passing. 

Im not sure if anyone else had this problem recently? is there any other testing centers in Sharjah or AD that could pass the car without this hassle? or is this the only way now. 

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