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Spark Plugs Rusted

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Good Day All,

My spark plugs seem to have rusted and jammed in the sockets. Taken it to a garage and they say they are worried it will snap inside if they try to remove them.


My question is: do you know of a garage that is good with dealing with this situation as delicately as possible so they can be removed in one piece? 


Toyota FJ cruiser 





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Best way is to get to good engineering (lathe) workshop and ask them to remove it. Still if they break, they have a opposite thread drill bit kind of tool with which they can drill on broken head and remove it.

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Hi @Imran Asghar

It is difficult situation if the spark plug and the cylinder head are seized due to high temperature. If you force it, it may break the thread on the cylinder head. Try to spray penetrating oil like WD40 bit more and soak it overnight.

To prevent this happen in the future, we normally apply some anti-seized compound on every thread that exposed to extreme high temperatures like spark plug, exhaust manifold, turbocharger etc.

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@Imran Asghar Hey bro, I had mine changed literally yesterday. I cant help you with the problem that they might snap... BUT I still wanted to tell you that my old plat ones were all worn and slightly rusted so I took the chance to upgrade to iridium while I was at it. We run a lot at high rpms so having some tough and resilient plugs is important :) Hope you solve it man!

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@Batuhan Kulachey man missing you Mr B! Let me know what garage and if you recommend. WhatsApp me if it's against the rules 

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