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  1. @amir.rophail if you are coming to this one I'll take the compressor with me I'll give it to you for 50 aed it cost me more but I just don't need it. I used it like 3 times only
  2. Haha there is no visibility problem in wranglers the guy was just not paying attention.
  3. Good input, but there is more. Any other takers?
  4. What went wrong here? VID_20191010_091457_291.mp4
  5. I think fiberglass would have been waaaayyy cheaper
  6. I know this off-road group, I've heard about them, only bad things unfortunately.
  7. not all of them 😭 mine is JZX but did not come with the box, but maybe because I got the 3 ton instead of the 2 ton. I secured everything with ratchet straps like this one so that jack won't go anywhere.
  8. Need to cancel, something came up I don't think I will make it. 😩
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