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  1. I grew up in shops among cars and engines being rebuilt, restored and repaired. My dad made off-road cars for the Baja 1000 and Baja 500 races and also modified Jeeps and other cars. I have back home different cars and pickups so obviously I've always loved cars, I've been offroading all my life on sand, rocks and mud so when I arrived to the UAE I bought a jeep and joined carnity to learn how to do it in this terrain since deserts are way different back home.
  2. I could explain it but this podcast will do a better job than I do. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/16/podcasts/the-daily/coronavirus-recession.html
  3. 51372ee90fa957d17e57c256f2f6d300.mp4
  4. They are actually very comfortable at the highway.
  5. If I'm driving my Jeep I can't be bothered by anyone, I love how they all move to the side when they see me doing 140 km/h. But I have a Kia Rio as daily so they piss me off every time I'm driving it.
  6. I hope it doesn't get released here, there are enough people in white corollas tailgating already, I don't want to see now the yaris now on my rear-view mirror.
  7. @Rahimdad In no way whatsoever I am belittling the effort from you and the rest of the team, Carnity is my family, I was actually saying it as a compliment since in other clubs yes they are more strict but there is also a lot of BS that make it less fun. We can talk about it offline, all I am saying is that we can take the good things that others are implemented without the bad things. But that is also a challenge to find the right balance.
  8. The manual can have some liability clauses, and the stuff in the manual would not be different as the stuff in this forum so the same laws apply.
  9. In other groups your equipment is inspected and you do not get the promotion until you actually show you have the driving skill and equipment required to drive at the next level. If you are late you will be left and you won't be allowed to participate since you are wasting the time of the people that are there on time. I don't think this would be the case for carnity since it is a more relaxed group in that sense. It is a difficult question on how to get the right balance of accountability vs creating a relaxed environment and luckily I do not get a saying on that. To @Xaf's point, I think the best way would be to create a manual with the most important information, all of this info would be available in the forum for download, instead of having it spread on different pieces. This way you can either print it or have it on our phone for your review. This way if you needed to update/add one thing you would just update the manual and people can go and download the latest version.
  10. 87401216_220744649311334_6962217601072016772_n.mp4
  11. I got mine done in Offroad Zone I recommend them of you have a jeep as they specialize in Jeeps, I do my maintenance there. If you have a different car you may want to check with Titan, Ramy or Icon. I can't remember what I paid. But the price you are showing there is not bad actually. I'm assuming that's from Ramy. There are plenty of shops you can pick.
  12. I have the ARB twin compressor. It should not be mounted in the engine bay area or else it will not last long. It should be mounted inside the car. I've been using it for over a year now and it's working as expected, they are really fast and the guys here can testify I always finish inflating first than everyone else. The only thing quicker than the ARB is the CO2 tanks but you need to choose wisely because the valves like the smity built will eventually give up. The other issue is that you need to refill it every time and that comes with a cost. The other compressors are okay but is a gamble you don't know how long they will last and when will they overheat.
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