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  1. I don't know any in Sharjah bit in Al qouz are plenty of shops. Icon, Offroad Zone and Ramy are the shops I know would put one.
  2. 324b1692b52a9b98234c2d2aff1a632a.mp4
  3. Actually, prices of the CB radios are not that expensive and antenas are not that big and can easily pass as the radio antenna. The advantage is that you don't have to remember to charge your radio, range and sound quality is way better than certain cheap crappy hand held. Disadvantage is that you have to be near your car to talk over the radio. Source? Certain Mexican's Jeep..
  4. I usually take my Jeep here for alignment and balancing, they do a good job and reasonable price. https://goo.gl/maps/6zusA8c6UFvND5pX6 I heard good things about TORC but expect to be overcharged.
  5. This is not a meme, but definitely meme worthy. 🤣🤣 Hmmmm... Hmmm... but closer Yup. That happened.
  6. 2100183_PM_EN.pdf You might be interested in Hands-Free Headsets. See attached. This will help securing the radio somewhere while still be able to communicate.
  7. I arrive to the UAE saturday morning so I wont be able to attend. 😫
  8. Its already there, not only Tesla's but other cars too. You can drive them remotely, or even start or disable them too. You've been able to do that for years.
  9. I have so many questions 🤣🤣 but just replace your tire sensor buddy.
  10. I recommend swimming every day. That's what works for me. Unfortunately the pool in my building was in maintenance for months. Now that I've moved to a different building and once I stop traveling for work will be back to swimming. I've found that swimming every day and skipping dinner or having a light dinner works for me.
  11. In a straight line yes of course bigger brakes make a lot of difference. However on the dunes, not really, because you don't use the brakes too much. I would also think on adding a bigger master cylinder, sometimes only adding rotors, pads and lines will not be enough, depending on the car.
  12. When I was renewing my insurance I checked with RSA and it was more expensive than AXA, and AXA had more coverage, so I sticked with AXA, I recommend you just use their website to get a quote.
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