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  1. I would not call electric cars sustainable when most of the electricity is generated by fossil fuels. Not to mention all the carbon generated to make the batteries (mineral exploitation, production, etc.). In my opinion electric cars are still just selling the illusion of environmentally friendly, maybe in the future this will actually be true.
  2. LOL.. sorry I will upload tonight.. 🤣.. I haven't even seen the video yet..
  3. I just find it ironic they made the video criticizing social media and yet the whole idea of the video is to get likes and shares.
  4. I'm thinking of bringing the wife. You guys think it will be too much for her?
  5. I agree with all the comments here. I would either go with an Xterra or TJ. I personally would go with the TJ but I might be bias. As for shops I take my JK to off-road zone but ICON is good too.
  6. He was definitely fighting gravity. You can see it at the 20 seconds mark. I am familiar with that sand on the sides, that means turn the steering wheel and go down the dune. It seems that when the passenger distracted the driver they ran out of dune to fight gravity with on the left side and the car just flipped on the right side where there was still sand so two big mistakes right there. I agree Jeeps are a bit unstable specially two doors I've driven the 4 doors of some friends and tend to be more stable than 2 doors. But 2 doors are more fun because of it. You have to be quick to correct the steering or else this happens.
  7. My point is that I can't force those people on the road to wear a seatbelt that's their bad decisions and we all have to live with the decisions we make. What I hate the most is that they don't teach their kids to wear their seatbelt like out parents did.
  8. If they don't wear a seatbelt that's their business, but when they get in an accident and their skull goes through the windshield that's one less inept I have to deal with on the road. I only have a problem when the inept are raising kids to their image and no common sense. It reminds me of this clip.
  9. I can see you doing this. 🤣
  10. It's technically a car. 🤔 Tanks are defined as armored combat ground vehicles. If I have a million dollars it doesn't really matter 🤣
  11. I would buy these in the same order. Ripsaw EV2 or EV4 Ford GT Viper
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