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  1. WHAATT!!!!!?? OMG!!!!!! LOL I am having flashbacks reading this, my dad used to say the same thing. He was a mechanic for more than 50 years. I remember many cheap people came to his shop to ask for a quote, they complained about the price, then went with the cheaper option, then after some days they will have to come back to my dad to get it fixed, which by then the quote will be way more expensive than he originally quoted because not only he had to fix the original issue but the mess of the monkey too. We have a saying back home - "Lo barato sale caro" which would translate as Cheap is always expensive. If you want quality you need to pay accordingly. But maybe that is how I was raised. 🤔
  2. For the exhaust temperature you could add an EGT gauge and probe, the probe is very simple it is just a thermocouple connected to the gauge. I doubt you can do this via your ECU because of it being an older model. Even some newer vehicles have to be reprogrammed to understand this signal. It is just simpler to install a gauge. Installing this is not very difficult. I installed one of this in my Lancer EVO I have back home. Some people install one per cylinder, in your case one or two will be enough.
  3. I think you mean the cobra I have always preferred the Saleen over the Shelby. The Saleen has more hp than the Shelby.
  4. So that means you warmed up during all the drive? 😂 Nah I'm kidding you did great
  5. See attached full specs of the new Mustang Shelby GT500. What do you guys think? 2020-Shelby-GT500-Esourcebook.pdf
  6. Would recommend to put some dielectric grease on the battery terminals to prevent this issue from happening.
  7. I fully support this. Been doing morning drives during the summer, it doesn't get hot until around 10-11 am.
  8. 9HtorUe.mp4 MYPX6wI.mp4
  9. I haven't tried in the desert but I used to engage diff lock going uphill it made a huge difference
  10. Lol yes I remember the I hate you look from the tire guy when they were cleaning the tire, some shops charge extra because of the mess
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