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  1. 0TaTaun - Imgur.mp4 Kids_always_look_left_and_right_before_crossing_the_road_-_Imgur.mp4
  2. I was sweeping for a raptor, a tundra and a silverado last saturday, the path was flat afterwards 😂 but they were out there. but you are right they are not very common. but it was fun to see the massive tundra doing that.
  3. Yeah, never been a fan of the four doors, I have driven a couple of them and that extra weight just kills the power. It is a lot of difference driving a two door vs a four door.
  4. Im looking forward to see this on the sand. I was disappointed when I saw the Gladiator out there. I had to recover them many times. That long wheel base is awful.
  5. My alarm rang but I didn't hear it. Sorry guys I'll see you on the next one.
  6. I asked myself this question too when I was going to buy my jack, the scissor jack is useless but the problem with the electric jack is that when fully extended is very unstable and not to mention that all the sand will eventually mess up with the electronics inside. Sometimes is better to go old school.
  7. That looks like an old Ford or GM key like this.
  8. OKXagIA.mp4 BOsUEDp.mp4 K7wQpcl.mp4
  9. I already drive at 8 psi and I don't use beadlocks, but I use thick wall tyres that can withstand that low pressure. I can even go lower but it would not be much of a difference.
  10. For sand driving you don't really need alloy. Steel would be enough. We don't run much into rocks or other hard surfaces. The good thing about steel is that if bended you can bend it back with a big hammer.
  11. It will be nice weather. A little windy but thats okay 😎
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