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  1. Hi @Hisham Masaad very sorry for late withdrawal. Hope to see you next time
  2. Hi sorry for late info of withdrawal from tomorrow’s drive. Hope to see you all next time.
  3. Sorry team..just reached dubai…will not be able to join. Sorry for late withdrawal
  4. Hi @Vanessa8580 sorry for late info. Not able to make for this drive. Weekend got extended👻
  5. @JeromeFJ thnx for info. But i i have already registered for other drive. Difficult to join this time. Hoping to join you next time
  6. Hi mehmet sorry i need to withdraw to visit algeria embassy tomorrow. hope to join you next time.
  7. Hi @Brette apologies…i will not be able join this week. Sorry for withdrawing rsvp.
  8. Hi gauravji, sorry i will not able to join as i am expecting guests. Hope to see you all next time…
  9. Hi ahmad, not able to upload. There is no option of Upload.
  10. Hi ahmad, thts great idea…hope to see final video very soon…is there size limit, as i am having go pro footage of 2 hrs?
  11. Hi gauravji, sorry seems i will not be able to join this drive. I am not well and needs to rest.
  12. Hi @Frederic I need to travel to Algeria for some imp. job on Sunday, means i will not be able to do this full day drive. Sad that i will miss the fun. Hope to catch some other day for long drive. Sorry for late withdrawal.
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