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  1. 1. Drivers who do not merge in turn - this really grinds my gears! They inch forward by 2 inches acting like they've just conquered the New World. If they would just merge in turn (when there's a lane closure or whatever) then traffic would keep moving at a faster pace. 2. Inconsiderate drivers - those who sit in the inside lane when there is an on ramp ahead thus forcing the driver trying to merge with the main carriageway to slow down to a snail's pace to get on and then having to floor it. Just move to the middle lane!!! 3. Incondierare drivers part deux - they hog their lane when you have had your indicator on for a lifetime trying to make an exitr or whatever , again....MOVE OVER! 4. Tailgating - the tailgating that occurs here is the worst I have ever witnessed. The police should focus their resources on stopping this incredibly dangerous practice. I would love to know the stats re the number of RTAs caused by tailgating in Dubai.
  2. Littering here is out of control. I have never seen anything like it and I’m constantly appalled by it. I don’t blame the authorities for taking action, we have a very fragile eco system here and they’re trying to improve it .
  3. I read elsewhere that the following have been closed with fences erected to stop access waadi sal closed Jeepers mountain closed Heart beach closed Has anyone heard what the reason for this is ? Some speculation suggests it’s due to littering, understandable if this is indeed the case.
  4. I should've referred to Traction Control for sideys. The control system will reduce engine power and apply the brakes to specific wheels that may be slipping. Whilst performing a sidey the car is extremely sensitive to any change be it momentum or direction The resulting change can cause the car to move suddenly when side sloping and that's very dangerous. ABS stops the wheels from locking and allows us to steer, on a normal road, but we're on sand, and sometimes gravel. Sand and gravel under the tires act like tiny tint balls when you step on the brakes. As a result, there will be very little friction/traction between tires and ground. Therefore, all four wheels want to lock up immediately. ABS would keep them from doing so. You will keep rolling on and on and on and on.
  5. I agree with what has previously been stated, a skid plate is an absolute must. I would also advise anyone who has just bought an Xterra to have the Engine and Gear Mounts checked as this is also a common issue. The kill switch makes a difference for sure, especially when tackling those big sldeys . The last thing you want is the ABS to kick in as even the slightest change can cause you an issue when driving under those conditions.
  6. Thank you all so very much. Every week I learn more and more, be that from the crew, my fellow drivers in the convoy or from my own mistakes. It's an absolute pleasure to be part of the Carnity family and I'm looking forward to the added responsibility and continuing to develop under the guidance of everyone here.
  7. The easy express deflator gizmo wrecked two valves , tried the tyre repairers tool gizmo and it wrecked the valves too it was then I realised that it wasn’t the tools but me , over tightening the things .🤣 Learn from my mistakes , go easy on your valves , they’re more delicate than you realise 🙄😅
  8. Thanks for your great leadership as always @Ale Vallecchi the effort that it takes to plan these routes for us is always greatly appreciated . i had lots of fun, given that the X had been somewhat problematic on previous drives it was nice to test it out without ripping the engine in first gear . I especially enjoyed the cross crossing and ridge riding, I was only gone for a few weeks but you absolutely do get rusty so it was good for me to hone those skills again. I agree re the Bab Al Shams sector , blinding white sand made it incredibly difficult to see the dunes. Might need to invest in a pair of Aviators ....this off roading hobby is an expensive business haha cheers to all the guys on the drive , it was good to drive with you all.
  9. Great drive @Frederic and @Desert Dweller deserves all the credit for the recoveries . She did all the work , I was too tired from the epic morning drive to help 😝😅
  10. The garage that installed it fixed it. At first they thought it was a faulty switch but then they just redid the job again. Didn't have any issues with the first switch they installed . I'm not sure we are allowed to mention the name of the garage on here
  11. Even the so called reliable 4x4 garages who offer this service make a hash of it. @Desert Dweller had the kill switched installed on her X and it disabled the 4x4 .... which made for very interesting desert driving. The X went back 3 times before they finally resolved it. So my advice is once it is installed. check it, check it again, and check it again before leaving the shop.
  12. Thanks for sharing, it looks very cool. Added to the list
  13. Hey @Frederic , if I get all that kit I’ll be better set up than the local mechanic 😅 Do you offer a car maintenance course too ? 😜
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