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  1. @DANIEL NOGUEIRA sorry you had to cut the drive short, but it’s better to take care of these things. Glad you made it back to RAK safely. Thanks to all of today’s drivers for being so fabulous and allowing me to take you galavanting through the desert. I had so much fun! Thanks to @Brettefor his wonderful support , @Veedooshee for executing a great second lead. It’s always a pleasure to see @Ahab Shamaa and his truck of many gadgets. Likewise @Archibald Jurdi you get better and better with that lovely car of yours. Well done too @Lucky sAm for handling your car so well in those technical dunes. @Rajeevan Vickneswaran had a great drive too and of course the Xterra posse took everything the desert threw at them, well done @Vineeth John Joseph @Sajit Modiyil @Rizwanm2 Until next time ☺️
  2. Haha , icebergs in the sand indeed. You did great, thanks for your help with the shovelling too
  3. Drive Report It was a gloriously cool morning and everyone arrived at the meeting point in good time and deflated promptly. We drove along the track and entered the Bab Al Shams dunes with ease. I decided I would gently awaken everyone from their morning slumber and coasted along the open, rolling dunes of Bab Al Shams. Once everyone had found their ‘Desert wheels’, and with everyone’s agreement, we took the opportunity to practice some ridge riding and criss-crossing on Bab Al Sham’s forgiving dunes. We had a couple of moments when vehicles were crested, which is always a risk when you ride a dune. The balance between having enough momentum to keep you moving and not giving too much gas is a fine one but everyone coped incredibly well, especially considering not many on the drive had experience of ridge riding. Thank you @Ranjan Das for the vigorous morning workout as we dug deep (literally) to remove you from the crest, I’m in dire need of some upper body toning so I wasn’t complaining. We decided to up the pace and the challenge and headed towards Qudra. What seemed an innocuous dune proved to be quite problematic. We were riding high when @Ashok chaturvedi decided he wanted a closer look at the sand formation at the bottom of the dune. I’m sure you’ll admit @Ashok chaturvedi that you could have taken an easier path and the Gods were certainly with you as your car suffered little damage aside from a scrape to the bumper and a pop out. Even the pop out was easy to fix as the car was positioned in such a way that the wheel was already off the ground and it saved us the hassle of getting the jack out. It’s always best to stay away from sand formations, I realise momentum directed you there but hitting the brake as opposed to the accelerator is always the best option. @Mohamed Abo ElKomsan , I saw you on your first drive as a Newbie and have seen you progress really well, just don’t be so shy with the accelerator pedal when you need to get over those dunes. All stucks and refusals are a learning opportunity, for all of us as no two stucks are the same so it is always interesting. When you manage to self-recover by listening to advice from Senior Drivers you will also grow in confidence so never fear a stuck or refusal, it happens. Special thanks to @Nacho who was excellent as the second lead, you listened and carried out my instructions to adjust the route when needed and drove very well. The wrangler lads handled everything with aplomb, well done @Archibald Jurdi @Hennie Schoeman and @SureshVNair. Thanks to @David Ortells for the encouraging words and also @Vineeth John Joseph. You all had greats drives and made my job at the front so much easier. Well done. A very big thanks to @Rahimdad, for your guidance and support. Just having you on the drive made it special. Once again, thank you all for the camaraderie and good spirits, it was nice to lead you. Until next time 😊
  4. Doh! Sorry @Vineeth John Joseph, you are on my planning sheet, I just forgot to add you here. I have rectified it now.
  5. No worries Arda, thanks for letting me know. I hope all is okay. @David Ortells I've added you to the drive
  6. A big thank you and a hearty welcome to this Friday’s Fewbie Level drive in Bab Al Shams, where the sand is so bright you gotta wear shades. Here’s a little amuse de bouche to wet your appetite. The meeting point is adjacent to the cycle track, if you move further along you will see a wide open space where we can deflate and ready ourselves for our adventure. We will follow a track for a very short while, which will lead us to the sparkling sands and wide open dunes of Bab Al Shams . The aim is to play amongst these dunes, slowly zig zagging our way to Solar Park where we can safely inflate. If the opportunity presents itself, then we can practice some ridge riding and perhaps criss-crossing. We may also encounter some small patches of technical dunes However, that is entirely dependent on you and how well everyone is driving/feeling. We like to cater for all tastes at Carnity therefore driver feedback will help shape the route, but only if your maître d' is in good humour. 😉 The convoy numbering is as follows: 1. Angela (aka @Foxtrot Oscar) Lead 2. @Nacho 2nd Lead 3. @Mohamed Abo ElKomsan 4. @Ashok chaturvedi 5. @Ranjan Das 6. @Mahmoud Asar 7. @Hennie Schoeman 8. @SureshVNair 9 @Archibald Jurdi 10. @Ashok chaturvedi 11. @Vineeth John Joseph 12. @Rahimdad accompanied by @Desert Dweller will sweep up any crumbs we may drop. We will be using Radio Channel 2 See you all on Friday, bright eyed and bushy tailed
  7. No drop outs yet David, but will surely add you if and when space becomes available
  8. Oh my goodness who allowed this? Hee hee only joking @Craig Finlayson thabknfully you drive better than your team plays 😝 congratulators, it’s well deserved
  9. We can enlist the help of the happy campers we saw to provide breakfast rolls and a mid morning snack. I now have a vision of cafe culture in the desert as we await the deflation/inflation process
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