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  1. Haha I had forgotten about that. Yes, dig the same spot , let gravity do the work for you. Thanks for the help when we needed shovelling. also sorry for constantly confusing you with Omar 🤦🏻‍♀️
  2. Drive Report We met promptly at 2pm at the Fort in Lisailli , everyone deflated, fixed their flags and after a short briefing we were headed along the track that would lead us to the dunes. The beginning of the drive was a fairly tame route and it allowed everyone to get used to their desert wheels as we made our way to a small technical patch. Once at the technical patch we had a couple of stucks, which were easily handled with some digging. I have to say I was very impressed by how the convoy handled the technical dunes, it is a different type of challenge but a very worthwhile on
  3. Good afternoon fellow adventurers. . Tomorrow will see us navigate an array of dunes in this wonderful winter weather, We have a few on the waitlist still so please please do let me know if you can't make it. Meet @1400hrs Radio Channel 2 Driver Car Rank Position Angela @Foxtrot Oscar Xterra Marshal Lead @Larry Cadden
  4. Anyone who knows me knows fine well, it’s not the taking part that counts, it’s the winning! 😜 yalla! 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Many many congratulations to Team Arabian Red Fox I @Wrangeld @M.Seidam , @Bernard Kalaani , @Ruan van den Heever and @Mario Cornejo What an outstanding achievement! I'm only sorry that my car let me down and I wasn't able to participate, here's hoping no such ill fate awaits me for the next Carnity Desert Championship, at least then @Wrangeldwill know he had been in a competition. 💅😜🤣
  6. Waitlist is open (updated @1530 25/11) 1. @hasan hamadeh 1st Drive 2, @Danish Mohammad1st Drive 3. @Looper 2nd Drive 4. @Sergio Negri2nd Drive
  7. Drive Brief Join me in the wonderful dunes of Lisaili for an awesome off-road adventure. Lisaili's dunes come in all shapes and sizes, giving you the perfect opportunity to enhance your newly found off-road skills and have lots of safe fun in the sand. General Info This drive is organized in full compliance with the COVID19 guidelines. We expect every member that joins this drive to go through below information and and strictly follow these guidelines in order not to jeopardize someone's health, and to ensure we can keep organizing these drives safely. MUST READ AND TOTALLY AG
  8. until
    Drive details Level: Newbie and Above When: 26 November 2021, Friday. Meeting time: 2:00 PM Sharp (without exception) Meeting Point: Lisaili Fort https://goo.gl/maps/ZikRWU1YYas968yT9 Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 8-10 inches of ground clearance. What to bring along: Loads of water, snacks (for yourself), face mask, rubber gloves, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Approximate finish time: 06:00pm End Point: THIS IS A COMPRESSOR ONLY DRIVE. WE WILL ENDING THE DRIVE A POINT, WHICH IS NOT CLOSE TO AN AIR LINE.
  9. Lesson 1: Listen to the lead when she tells you not to park in the soft sand (3 or 4 times I announced this) 😅 Lesson 2: In off-roading be prepared for anything 😇 Lesson 3: Stucks are what make us better 😍 Glad you all got out safely, well done 😬
  10. Drive report We set off after the brief and headed along the track and into the blistering white dunes of Bab al Shams. We weren’t long into the drive when @Erik Ean had an issue, at first we thought it was the car’s over protective system but as we moved along the dunes Erik heard an unwelcome sound and his transmission light came on. That was that , hope you get it resolved soon. We had some more delays and @Alex Raptor was in action with the rope to come to the aid of the stuck drivers. With the delay I decided to try and get as much drive time as we could, I avoided the trickier
  11. Good morning fellow adventurers, Today we meet beyond the tracks close to the sand. A short drive will see us in the rolling dunes of Bab al Shams where we you can test your off-roading skills to the max. There will be no high climbs, but there will be lots of opportunities to practice how to get the best out of your car in the sand. We have a hefty wait list , so please please do let me know if any of you can't make it. My proposed convoy is as follows" (subject to any last minute changes) We will use Radio 2 Meet @ 1400hrs Radio Channel 2 (two
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