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  1. 😀this is what I mean... so no more to say "slope-down" - it is "slope-landing" 😁
  2. the issue is to fly with pajero so I look for wing modification 😁
  3. So happy to have such a great news! I cannot wait to join new drives with you all! Thank you!
  4. @Rahimdad leading drives are always full of fun, becomes easier and enjoyable to everyone with excellent guiding and help by @Vanessa8580 @Brette @Wrangeld. Thank you to you all! @Brette 's first stuck was because of me rather than his bad luck maybe. I tried "not to fly" this time and pushed it less but that part was definitely needing more momentum indeed. The rest of the trip was good to me because I was driving behind @Gregory Perkin this time! He was excellent in all and I always followed his track and copied his movements - made it all problem-free! So impressed with @Yousef Alimadadi's self-recoveries with rear-lock shows! At the slope, I thought it was a huge "stuck" and no way to take off even with shoveling - absolutely be towed! It was amazing to learn many tricks of such self-recoveries! See you next week!
  5. @Yousef Alimadadi do you still have my "jumping" video? can you post it or send me via whatsapp no +90 538 246 95 59 ?
  6. @Rahimdad @Brette thank you for your leading and efforts under 40 degree! ...and thank you to all for such a smooth and excited drive! See you all next drive!
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