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  1. Driving always on tiptronic has solved my transmission overheating problem. I'm driving on 1-2 and sometimes 3rd gear only during offroad. I believe the problem with Pajeros is that the poor automatic gear responses on "D" mode - it is definitely switching late! During off-road, when it is finally engaged to a gear as per your speed, it is generally too late and your rpm has already changed to another. So it is struggling to comply by constantly changing the gear and simply causes overheating... Transmission overheating problem started during my early intermediate drives (mine is 3.5 2017 LWB) and finished when I started to use tiptronic. If it is even happening on newbie drives, sounds a bit strange and I think something is wrong with the new model pajeros.
  2. One of the best drives I ever made! incredible drivers, no stuck, no rope, and no any weak ring in the convoy chain! everyone was perfect to track @Luca Palanca Falsini's challenging but wonderful routes. I'll keep everyone's name in my mind! Thanks to @sertac and @Luca Palanca Falsini offering us this amazing experience, @Thomas Varghese perfectly dealing with sweeping! My special notes; wranglers @Arman @[email protected] you were so boring! Have more refusals next time still wondering who is cleaning sand from your cars after these drives pajeros @sri ganesh @Abdul Rahman Abdul Kader @Danish Mohammad you all proved that you exactly know capacity of your cars and able to keep them on optimum balance. next time better not to line up pajero after pajero because we are getting confused and lost in the track! @Rizwan Waheed was the first pajero I've seen reaching up that height on faya (just after me )! congrats buddy! @Bernd Stucke do not know where he found that ugly truck but it was good looking while churning the sand at least! drive it on the sand then @imranaasghar81 hidden support of each drive! if you have him in the convoy, means you have one additional CF/sweep ready to help whenever needed. it was good watching you on my mirror, perfectly surfing on the ridges! ...and @Thomas Varghese continuous updates, supports and advices from the back... not an easy thing for a fewbie especially in high-tempo drives, like we did yesterday. well done! See you on next drive guys!
  3. Welcome on board @Denizzalbayrak Congratulations! Eglence yeni basliyor!
  4. A fantastic day never to be forgotten! For me, it was an unbelievable return to the newbie era after months! I think some kind of magnetic field is being formed when we drive together with @Wrangeld which is attracting all sort of desert challenges to design a unique 'epic drive'. Fortunately this one was in a lovely weather just on the contrary of our previous epic show we had in midsummer The convoy was quite good with excellent drivers, each one did it great! The most impressively, there was a perfect cooperation among the drivers under systematic coordination of @Wrangeld, who dealt with every single issue like managing an orchestra, as always he does! it was amazing to see everyone supporting to another in the recovery of six cars one by one or simultaneously at that nightmare bowl. Without such teamwork, it wouldn't be possible to quit in full number from that pit I believe... @Dodi Syahdar sacrificed himself by recovering other cars in the bowl, immediately after lost his 4W traction. Hope no any big issue with the car and you can quickly come back on the sand with your beast. Having said that each driver on this drive was quite lucky! it normally takes weeks or months to experience a ton of different off-road challenges but you faced to all in a single drive! Thank you all for this experience and see you soon in new adventures!
  5. @sri ganesh @Rizwan Waheed always be careful with 4HLc mode since its locked center-diff. Use it only on soft ground and avoid to make fast + sharp turns while it is engaged.
  6. very soft sand should generally be avoided I think. no one would expect this on such a hill...
  7. This is the man I was expecting to see on board! Very happy to see you on this level my friend @Yousef Alimadadi
  8. @Gaurav @Frederic @sertac @Rahimdad @Shehab Alawadhi @Arda Yagcioglu @Mohamed Seidam @Chaitanya D @Yousef Alimadadi @Abdul Rahman Abdul Kader @Anish S @Brette thank you very much to you all friends. Impatient to join new drives with you!
  9. @Chaitanya D congratulations Doctor, nice to see you on this grade. perfectly deserved and looking forward to drives with your leading
  10. Behold! Oceans of sand will be churned under Captain Ahab and his Mobydick then! Congratulations buddy @Ahab Shamaa
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