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  1. this time I gave you more chance for fun buddy check out 2:22 on my first cheat Lucky to have you behind, great video for my pajero archive...
  2. Well noted @Tero Vallas I will spare at least 30 min for this then. Thank you very much for this information.
  3. @Srikumar do we need to have DPI test 48 hours before the drive? Can we do that right on the same day?
  4. Perfect drive and excellent leading @sertac Every single driver was also great without any stuck. Thanks to all and see you on next drive!
  5. Thank you @Ale Vallecchi for excellent leading as always and all other drivers for such a high performance with zero stuck. it was animals' day greetings with oryxes, gazelles, falcons, lizards, rats... see you next drive!
  6. @Chaitanya D thank you for such a wonderful drive, i really enjoyed. Hope nothing serious with your car and you can easily fix it. See you on next drive.
  7. @Chaitanya D @Nivin @marks @Foxtrot Oscar and @Rahimdad ; this combination of leads should be followed to repeat such a wonderful experience with full of fun! thank you all and see you next drive!
  8. @Ale Vallecchi @Lorenzo Candelpergher it is totally fine for me! I'll be there at 5.30 am. thank you for such an organization.
  9. This drive was really good and joyful for me and my car as well There were many 'firsts'; 1- My first intermediate drive 2- My first rope recovery 3- My first 'tiptronic' driving Upon transmission overheat problem I faced last week and following the advices given by @Frederic and @Vanessa8580 , I tried manual mode driving this time. At result, no issue with transmission heat and I also realized that it is much more funnier than auto mode driving! Yes, it is a bit strange at the beginning but once you get familiar, it is really fun playing with transmission, following your momentum, listening your engine noise and reacting accordingly! I enjoyed it! My first rope recovery supervised by @Emmanuel from the behind and @Kalahari from the front was a well instructive beginning for such recoveries in the future. Big thanks to leads @Emmanuel and @Kalahari for their great management; also all the others @Anish S @Nivin @Pancho for their excellent performance in high tempo. Even stucks were beneficial since I made good shoveling and 'push-up` exercises (by pushing the cars )... It was a bit challenging for a smoker like me but you cannot be fit without any difficulty... See you next drive!
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