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  1. UPDATE. Fill up the silicone fluid in the fan clutch if you have a fat wallet. I found out very painfully that it increases the overall fuel consumption of your car. Mine is a daily drive car and I used to get 450kms from a full tank which has dropped drastically to 400kms average. The 50 km difference everyday adds up to your monthly spending. The upside is the cooling. The AC is cooling so much that you will find driving your car much better than sitting at home or office.
  2. @Ale Vallecchi when a convoy having drivers of almost same skills its fun to explore the desert. Enjoyed the drive very much especially when me & @Shaaz Sha altered our fan clutch for the harsh environment of the desert and could enjoy the drive with cabin completely closed with a super cool AC and no intrusion of sand winds inside. It was a test drive for us which worked out perfectly as there was minimal refusals and stucks.
  3. @Frederic is it too late to join? I joined. If its not possible to add me you can remove me
  4. UPDATE. We experimented on last IM drive with @Ale Vallecchi and the temperatures were kept normal which shows our technique worked. Bonus point was we could drive all the time with AC on with good cooling in the desert heat.
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