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  1. The best fast paced drive I had till date. @Ale Vallecchi u organized a superb drive. Lucky not to be stuck on my 1st fewbie drive but lost concentration for a second as my glove box popped open on a ridge crisscross and all things inside jumped out. By the time I realized I have to cross my momentum was more and I had no choice but continue the slide sloping. Sorry everybody for holding you all up for my mistake. I rarely lose concentration while driving but when I take my eyes off the road which happened only few times in my 41 years of driving I made serious accidents. This time I escaped without any harm but apologize for the delay. I hope I did good for my 1st fewbie drive vouched by @Ale Vallecchi. Would love to hear the comments of fellow desertnauts on my performance.
  2. and what a full day debut for me. I'm so excited. 8 hours. By the time we finish I think I will feel like I went through a washing machine.
  3. actually you were at the pink rock watching us driving up and instructing not to hit the rocks
  4. congrats and May God Bless You and family @Barry
  5. Yes I carry the camera bag during the drives. I keep it in the back seat and not in the trunk to avoid violent shakes to the gear. I got to capture beautiful sunsets a couple of times. You never know when you get to watch beautiful moments and your mind tells you to capture and record it to relive that moment.
  6. I always carry my camera bag where ever I go. Its become a joke in my family. But I really missed an opportunity once. I was driving through the highway nearby the Sharjah Airport and the sun was just rising and the sun appeared in the middle of the road between the lamp posts. It was as if the road was the highway to heaven. The caption HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN crossed my mind and I suddenly remembered I didn't take my camera that day. Since then wherever I go I carry my camera. But once that opportunity to capture that moment was lost I never could find the same after all these years.
  7. To tell you the truth I bought a camera way back in 2010 to take pictures of the offices I construct. Wanted to keep records and employing a photographer was expensive than buying the equipment. For almost 2 years I could shoot only in Auto Mode. Then slowly started to experiment Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority & Manual Mode after watching countless you tube videos about them.
  8. I'm only a newbie in photography. Like you I also have only old equipment - A 500D, 700D and a classic 5D and uses only the kit lenses.
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