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  1. My Xterra doesn't squeak anymore after I changed the leaf spring bushes. It had a minor squeak but now not there at all. Xterra is a real powerful car. I drive it around 300 to 400km a day and I love driving it all day.
  2. For me its always the Xterra both offroad and onroad. Cheap to maintain. Good gas mileage. Gives me 470 km approx on a full tank. Has good power and now my X roars like a lion when I accelerate after adding a little silicon oil into the fan clutch. I started to love that roar. Reminds me of being the alpha lion in the pack. I consider my X as a he. Getting his knock sensors changed now even as I type. 2nd hand cost me 50 AED. Hopefully the sensors will tell his heart to beat faster with less food. I don't know much about other cars much and I probably will not anyways as I got to g
  3. @Mario Cornejo what a wonderful opportunity I missed for taking some wonderful pictures during those delays as I couldn't join
  4. I don't know the statistics. I told my practical observation. Can we get the same effect by engaging the parking break a little?
  5. If you check your speed with google maps you will be surprised to find that when you are coasting at 140km/hr as per speedometer your actual speed is only 130km/hr. This error happens because the wider tires alter the aspect ratio as both tires have 70 as aspect height ratio. So its not surprising your car is not getting speed radar flashes when you are coasting at 140 km/hr as originally you are only doing 130 to 131 km/hr. Your car will only get a flash from speed radar if your speedo shows above 150km/hr.
  6. I love my Xterra and will always vouch by the car for sturdiness and reliability. The 2nd hand versions are dead cheap to buy( now i heard the prices are creeping up ). Regarding the engine overheating issue its a simple fix and then you can forget it. Its not at all expensive. I haven't done any mods to the car other than a ABS kill switch and a front skid plate. All other cars listed here are double or more the price of an Xterra and I doubt will run 100 km with15 liters of petrol . I drive my car almost 300 to 400 km a day and maintenance is minimal after all the abuse it receives from me o
  7. are the light rays coming from the gates of heaven @Hisham Masaad? Amazing picture
  8. Thanks @M.Seidam. My confusion was the size too and you have cleared it. Stock is 265/70/16 and my present tires are 275/70/16. The only problem I experienced with the wider tire is the speedo is off by 10%. Plus the petrol mileage. Maybe more experienced drivers can clear this doubt.
  9. To tell you the truth I expected 70k. The tires are still not bald. But considering @Srikumar's advice I'm changing it. Moreover last couple of week's drive I have felt the car is not holding steadily on side slopes and tend to slide down sooner than expected. Kindly give me your choice on manufacturer and make I should be fixing on my Xterra. My preferences are Yokohama and Kumho. Both are AT and almost same price with Kumho up by approximately 100 AED more each tire.
  10. One of the most precise drive reports I have seen. Yes it was not the smoothest of IM drives and plagued with troubles from the start with my double pop out. Still one of the IM drives I have enjoyed fully. More than the pace and technicality it showed the team spirit of @Carnity club members in times of need. Short convoys are always great. It was worrying to see @GauravSoni's differential making sounds and wouldn't engage in 4 wheel drive. Same time he displayed utmost calmness and true professionalism by managing to drive it out of the desert in 2 wheel drive through some very technical and
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