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  1. @Michel Van Woudenberg see u tomorrow on @Shaaz Sha's morning drive. Good to see someone who is not afraid to put his new possession in the desert.
  2. I couldn't remember where the link was and thank you Mayank for posting it.
  3. Every Monday morning by 11 am @Gaurav posts a description of the drives which are being hosted by different leads and the level of the drive in the whatsapp group. Kindly subscribe to the whatsapp group. Same day evening he again posts the drive in the whatsapp group with the link to reach the page of the drive so that you can RSVP directly on that page by sharp 7 pm. Any weekday drives maybe posted in between as and when a lead posts a drive in the same whatsapp group. The whatsapp group is the key. If you are subscribed to that then you are informed of any drives hosted by the @Carnity leads
  4. Thank you @Foxtrot Oscar for the wonderful drive on Friday afternoon. It was a challenging task deflating and putting up the flag in the midst of strong winds and flying sand. Once the convoy got going in this weather it was the most exhilarating drive in recent times. The 1st time fewbies @Markus B, @Joseph Raju & @Imran Kashif did so well in the drive that we had minimal refusals and stucks. The track was technical most of the times and overall the convoy did very good. It was a pleasure driving with old mates @Looper, @Pacific & @Chinthaka Ruwan and both Looper & Pacific filled
  5. Of all the pictures I have shot during the drives this is 1 which I like the most. This has something which makes me look at it again and again. Probably because the angle and frame denotes power.
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