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  1. Fun and challenging afternoon, some soft and tricky patches in places. For most of you these are still early days in your off road driving careers, so with the introduction of slide sloping techniques was invaluable today, skills building step by step is key to your development and learning to master the sands. Most of today's issues were caused by a lack of momentum, this comes with experience but learning to know when you keep moving, feeding power in to overcome the softer areas and remain committed to the obstacle in hand, I also noticed drivers stopping very close to the car in front, ple
  2. yes, another Raptor, well done, see you this afternoon
  3. have a look on instagram for UAE raptors club I have found their recommendations for garages to be good, rightly so we cannot promote a garage on here
  4. @Mark Dolman few options it can slide between tailgate and body on some.models or you can get a plate done from several garages that goes in the tie down hole.on the top of the bed rails.
  5. Height is the key on the stock cars, we have had to wiggle a little to get the clearance, but no issues I getting enough height, base is big enough not to need a board, it’s actually better on the compressor than the air tanks, I have struggled to get those filled locally to 4500 psi, everyone maxes out at 3000. so far we have lifted, jeeps, raptors, pajeros, no problems, I think it will need serviced at some point and the manufacturer has sent me a manual for it to be torqued back up etc. I have just got a mount for it for the bed, to replace the burj khalifa, I think I have tested it enough
  6. Would be happy to have a go and to provide an additional winch. Unfortunately the tentative date is a problem for me, if there is a rerun or a chance of postponement into mid December I can come and play.
  7. Difficult one today, despite the valiant and hard fought efforts of our Lead, the desert has been decimated by bulldozers, carving tracks for the incoming Seismic surveys, a sign of the times I'm afraid. Everyone drove well, showed great team spirit on the occasion it was needed on the side of a bulldozer track, and we were rewarded with some excellent bowls and side slopes towards the end, I have put some photos in the gallery.
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