Dodge Challenger 3.4 V6

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Hi teajay, I respect your opinion can you please state the reason why all US specs are cheaper by 30% - 50% in UAE market?

I have never owned a US specs due to the horror story I heard and seen one of my friend who got Mustang few years back and he only used to drive in winter and not summer as car use to heat up and AC cooling was not sufficient for Dubai heat. May be he experience this ups and downs cycle as he kept car for 3 years and then sold for 50% of the purchase price as there were no taker of US specs Mustang in the market as there were several US Mustang was standing idle. If you search live inventory of any online car website here in UAE you will find 1:10 ratio of 1 GCC mustang vs 10 US specs. Please explain why people demand GCC more even though if its 30% - 50% more expensive?

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Hi Cyborg, thanks for your input...

The price is lower for two main reasons:

1. This is how the market is, they always decrease the amount of US specs.

2. Because mostly cars from the US have accidents, so when a car has an accident, it eventually decreases the price of the car, until it's fixed & gives it a push up in the price..


That's why you need to well check the car before buying it, adding, the location of the accident is important whether it's from the side doors, the front or from the back, all of this plays an important role while buying the car.

For example now I have a US specs car, it's accident is from the back like the whole trunk was changed, i've been using it for 1 year, just renewed it for another year, it's more than perfect, zero problems, & i'm happy with it .

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