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Off-road advice for the first time

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Wow that goes my ass in the air.








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Dear all,

I gotta say i had a real amazing time participating for the march 30 newbie drive, it was my first time offroading and its much more fun than i thought it would be, the best part is all the marshals were very patient and so much cooperative in helping us newbies understand how its done and how to get out of stuck positions, everytime we got stuck in no time two or three marshals are already out of their vehicles and approaching our vehicle and gets us out in no time. thanks to superman@Rahimdad who was the group leader and @Gaurav bhai who was always adding on relevant informations and helping us out of situations with ease, the drift champion on jeep was also awsome to watch how he went over the dunes and back down, and also to mention @skumar83 who was also out of his vehicle in no town we had a problem, who also brought his son also along which i am also gonna be doing once my boy is bac in town. the last decent was the best part of the trip,  I had a wonderful fun filled friday, looking forward to tag along for many more trips, cheers

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Hi Benny. I know this response is too late (just logged in back to carnity after couple of years).


The grand cherokee WK2 is an underdog in terms of offroading but it’s a capable 4x4. I owned a WK2 as well and been using it on my outdoor trips almost every weekend. If you really use it in the dunes, it is important to get a steel skid plate that protects your sump and radiator, it’s the weakest part of this grand cherokee model. Check the guys in instagram @WK2_UAE some of them had upgrades and custom jobs available in UAE.

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