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Good effort. I remembered my car touched during first drive. Fortunately, I had comprehensive off-road package and other party was very understanding. These are possibilities and I accept it and pay full attention on not to repeat same mistake and careful while judging the sand. 

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@Gaurav well written and covered a lot of very important points

I feel it would also be good to mention who is primarly responsibile in the event that a tow rope, jack or any tools breaks /bends while helping other members.

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wouldn't it be better to make a Carnity off road rescue box and put in it all the essentials in it which would be with the one who is really regular in the drives and contribution should be from all members who join the drives that way it won't be heavy on one guy and we all can enjoy the benefits...

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@shadow79 there is a reason for each one carrying their own equipment and having one set of equipment will not be sufficient. Imagine in a convoy of over 20 cars if one person carrying this box has to approach the effected car every time. Also if one rope is used for a hard pull with 3 to 4 attempts it cannot be used again for recovery on the same trip. If the equipment gives up, breaks or bends we do not have anybody to rely on. Whatever the suggestions given are not here to burden anyone, if you're an off roader or aspire to be one, than all equipment is necessary for everyone who wants to be regular.

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Thanks @Srikumar for the suggestion, I have added off road gear and mechanical failure points on the above post.

@shadow79 surprise to hear your "so not practical" suggestion after driving with us for so long time.


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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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Thanks Gaurab,

Very informative ethics that all club members should know and apply.

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      It is the highest position in Carnity Off-road Club, that anyone can ever attain.
      We (@Rahimdad - Club founder and I) are absolutely delighted to welcome you to the off-road CREW level and looking forward to sharing our off-road passion and vision together.
      Your continuous contribution and great efforts to improve the Carnity off-road club, plan to develop new off-roaders and a keen eye on safety regulations have resulted in great progress and well deserve this new off-road rank. Your off-road knowledge, vast experience, great teamwork, and critical observations have always helped everyone around in a very positive manner on the off-road drives and on the forum.
      Extract from Srikumar Marshal Promotion:
      + Absolute Club Ownership
      + Truly Dedicated
      + Humble & Selfless
      + Open & Approachable
      Keep it up and its time for you to help other aspiring offroaders to demonstrate your skills, knowledge and above all the true passion for off-road with community spirit.
      Number of drives
      80+ drives and Committee Decision
      Level of drives
      Routing and leading in unknown terrain for exploration drives
      Off-road gear
      All of the above
      Drive teamwork
      All of the above + coordinate with Marshal on route, convoy, numbering, etc.
      Drive posting/joining
      Post drive on Carnity and share it on Carnity social media
      Forum participation
      Post trip report + share route + track and waypoints

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