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  1. Thank You Khaleej Times, For sharing Carnity's vision with millions of car owners and enthusiasts. https://www.khaleejtimes.com/car-owners-bank-on-portals-to-make-informed-decisions-says-carnity
  2. 100 Points awarded to @Shamil for sharing the "Full Drive Video".
  3. 100 Points awarded to @Frederic for "Exceptional Post". 100 Points awarded to @Derick for "Exceptional Post".
  4. Exceptional post can be anything that is above and beyond the regular replies. It maybe short or long or comprehensive as far it is exceptionally helpful, precise and useful new topic/reply. Exceptional post award will be decided by Admin or Moderators only.
  5. 100 Points awarded to @Gaurav for explaining and sharing the "desert recovery training video".
  6. 100 Points awarded to @Shamil for sharing the "Full Drive Video".
  7. 100 Points awarded to @adil for this "Exceptional Post".
  8. We would like to thank and congratulate Carnity members for making us The Most Engaging Car Portal in UAE YOU, Carnity’s proud members, make this platform informative, fun and engaging. YOU define great unity & strength by helping each other, together as one big family. Hence, we at Carnity, are very grateful for all your love and support over the years, and wishing the same for years to come. Top 10 Car Portals Engagement in UAE Top 10 Car Portals in UAE Top 10 Car Dealers Engagement in UAE
  9. CDA concern and interest is for socially active fundraising groups and social services to help underprivileged people as mentioned in the Gulf News article. Idea is to regulate such social groups so that the collected donation goes for a right cause. Carnity is a company registered with Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority under the name of Carnity Technology - FZE and our license does include the activity of "Portal" and "Public Networking Services". This Dubai government license has been issued after proper verification, due diligence and background check for Carnity.com and its stakeholders.
  10. 50 Points awarded to @Praveenmp for providing the feedback of "Car Business"
  11. Some very nice explanation has been given by few, but not matching End date extended: 20 May 2019
  12. We would like to thank all of our existing members, for the tremendous success of Carnity Points System which is now very well understood, accepted and supported by hundreds of Carnity members. With the increasing popularity of Carnity Points System, it is very clear that we all love active car community, where everyone is eager to help their Carnity extended family from Car issues to offroad advices to finding the best places to visit in the UAE. To ensure the best possible experience for all Carnity users as one big family, and to focus our resources to stay INDEPENDENT AND UNBIASED, we will no longer be offering free membership for the new users. To continue enjoying the benefits of Carnity, all existing users must actively contribute to gain Carnity Points to earn and renew their free membership. All new Carnity members will be charged 100 AED for 100 Carnity Points initially and then free thereafter if they contribute to gain Carnity Points to earn and renew their free membership of 100 points for the next month. In short, Carnity is still free to use for all existing "Active Members" and for new members after their first paid month if they contribute. Now, if you are unable to contribute for any reason you can also buy 100 Carnity Points for 100 AED for renewing your active membership or ask for a donation. We seek your continuous support and your love for cars to grow this exclusive car community in the UAE. We aim to attract more like-minded car enthusiasts like you with your unbiased solutions, knowledge and experiences to enhance the overall value. BENEFITS OF BEING AN ACTIVE CARNITY MEMBER: Discuss your car problems with true car experts with all technical aspects Avoid fake mechanics and unwanted repairs by getting the second opinion Identifying any car dealer scams and pitfalls before buying your next car Seek 100% INDEPENDENT AND UNBIASED Car advice from real experts Unlimited access to the largest cars knowledge-base in the UAE Plan your next car mods, upgrades, build and tuning ideas Get connected socially with like-minded car friends Find advice for car buying, selling, maintenance, offroad, recalls, OBD, etc. Drive with the best multicultural offroad club in the UAE Learn offroading with the experts having decades of years of experience Explore new offroading routes and hidden treasures in the UAE Unlimited access to attend any weekly offroad drives and events Share your drive pictures and videos with other members Create or Join the best car clubs in the UAE Buy your next car, car parts and services from trusted sellers Sell your car, car parts and services to real car enthusiasts Post unlimited FREE car classifieds with varied tenure Find the best-rated car business within the Emirates Get the special pricing from most of the car businesses Report the incompetent Car Business to help others
  13. How would you explain in one sentence what is Carnity to others? The most like/well done/totally agree reply will get 500 bonus Carnity points. End date: 15 May 2019
  14. 100 Points awarded to @Javier M for sharing the "Full Drive Video".
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