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RTA Vehicle Testing is mandatory all across the Emirates in UAE. RTA vehicle renewal is a part of vehicle ownership in the UAE as well as many other developed countries, to check for faults that may endanger lives.

There are several RTA testing centers in UAE, conveniently placed and open for long working hour for RTA test.

  • Tasjeel is run by ENOC in Dubai, Sharjah and northern emirates with many Tasjeel vehicle testing branches. 
  • Shamil vehicle testing is run by EMARAT in Dubai and Sharjah with few testing centers.
  • Wasel vehicle testing is run by BELHASA group in Dubai in Jadaf area.
  • Adnoc vehicle inspection center is run by ADNOC in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and western region.

Below is a list of tests performed during RTA Vehicle testing, along with tips to repair or prevent the issues:

  • Vehicle identification: They will match your chassis number and registration.
  • Emissions: They have three categories - carburetor petrol engine, fuel injected petrol engine, and diesel engine. Regular oil changes and visits to the mechanic will keep emissions under control.
  • Braking system: Will be inspected for leaks, warped rotors, worn drums, squeaks, and performance. The handbrake will be checked too.
  • Steering system: Checked for play. The couplings and joints must be in good condition.
  • Visibility: This test checks the tint on your windows, your rear view mirror, and condition of the windshield glass, the wipers, and the washers. Remember to fill up on washer fluid. If you have rock chips in your windshield, you can repair it by filling it with resin. The kit is not cheap, but neither is a windshield.
  • Lighting equipment: Examination of your high and low beams for position and brightness. Your headlight lenses must be clear as well. A yellowed headlight can be restored with some 3000-grit sandpaper and some polish.
  • Running gear: Your vehicle axles, wheels, and tires will be checked. Most cars that fail this test either have worn CV joints or loose steering arms. Suspension problems can be detected easily by the sound your car makes when going over bumps. Put some lithium grease on your bushings to keep them flexible and last longer.
  • Chassis and frame attachments: Any strut bars or braces, mounts, and the frame are inspected to ensure there is no structural rust or unrepaired accident damage. You can repair a rusted frame by cutting out the rusted parts and welding in uncorroded metal. RTA recommends that all aftermarket under body protection gear must be removed prior to the inspection.
  • Key equipment check: Is your driver’s seat mounted properly? Your battery must be secured in position. All audible warnings that came with the car must be functioning as per GCC specifications. They will also check to see if you have your warning triangle in the trunk. Feel free to place the triangle in a more conspicuous place to help out the inspectors. Your seat belts would be checked as well.
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Excellent list of points to be checked during RTA Vehicle Testing in UAE. It's good to have this list handy that we can refer to before RTA renewal.

Few things I like to add here:

  • Tires: It should have decent amount of tread left for another year of use. RTA fails any tire more than 5 years of age. 3 years and above will only get passed if good enough tread is left.
  • Offroad lights: You are fine to install any number of offroad lights, but they all should have cover on it like plastic cap or rexine wrap so that you cannot use while driving on road because use of offroad lights is illegal on the road.
  • Stickers: Remove all big size stickers as sometime they fail the vehicle. 1-2 small stickers on body are acceptable as far as they are not on windows or blocking the rear view.
  • Metal bumpers: Strict NO for RTA passing as they will increase the damage multi fold to vehicle and human body, if involved in any accidents. Borderline remedy for such offroad metal bumper is to install a big rubber bumps in front to absorb the impact.
  • Loud exhaust: Excessively louder exhaust will fail RTA passing. If you opt for performance exhaust go with low noise exhaust and it should not exceed maximum of 95 DB on fully warmed up engine. I had Magnaflow on Mustang with 90 DB (almost) that passed every RTA testing without any wasta.
  • Car modifications: If you have done some crazy extreme car modifications then refer to ESMA regulations.
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